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If Life is a Journey and the End is Far . . .

If Life is Journey and the End is Far . . . Are the D’s or R’s going to get us there safe and sound? While there are obviously millions that are banking on it, I prefer to take another

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Economic Continuity

After rereading Business Continuity I felt it was worth a redo.  I was trying to make several points, and while I have intimate knowledge of where I was going with each point, I don’t feel it addressed the main point

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think Think tank

I’ve been asking myself what ‘The End is Far’ is or means for quite some time now.  This may or may not be evident for anyone visiting once or twice.  However, if you’ve been checking in since its creation,

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Business Continuity

All life on planet Earth is attempting business continuity.  That’s what life is.  It’s the exercise of getting to the next day.  Acquiring food, finding shelter, defending your own being from being acquired, that is everything’s mission in a nutshell. 

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