Law 11 – Learn to Keep People Dependent on You

Last year I started reading a book named ‘The 48 Laws of Power’ by Robert Greene.  When I first started reading it my stomach turned with each page.  Not that the material was grotesque in any physical nature, but it most certainly was in a political and sociological sense.  While it made my stomach turn, and I did put it down on several occasions, I could not let it go unfinished and I have finally put it to rest, or better yet I’m ready to put it to use.

While I will be going over the basic principles of each Law, buy this book for yourself.  It is sort of like cleaning out the cat litter box, it is disgusting while you do it, but necessary and you will be glad when you are done.  Only $10 on Amazon.

Law 11 – Learn to Keep People Dependent on You

See?  This is what I’m talking about.  I’ll be jumping around from Law to Law, but this one really makes my stomach turn so I’m beginning here; ‘Learn to keep people dependent upon you’.

Now this may sound innocuous at first.  Sure, if you want power over someone then making them dependent upon you is a surefire way, right?  Yes, and that is the problem.  I had been reading the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, The Federalist Papers, The Wealth of Nations, the Rational Optimist, Atlas Shrugs, and many other books over the past couple years that are all about Individual Freedom and Independence, so a book on Dependency and Favor did not mix well.

Dependency is Slavery.  Whether you are dependent upon another for sustenance or permission, those that you are dependent upon may withhold sustenance from you or inflict punishment upon you to coerce your behavior.  Now I don’t want to make it sound like Greene came up with this stuff, he makes it clear that most, if not all, of these Laws are codified in Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’, so do not blame or credit if you prefer Greene, he is just the messenger. (And a good one at that!)

One of the things that Machiavelli gets wrong is the notion that one’s own independence requires others to be dependent upon you.  This is a false choice and indeed keeping others dependent upon you soon makes you dependent upon them.  Sure the dependencies are not equal one to one, but the more people who are dependent upon you, the less able you are to keep and coerce that dependency.  Now you are on the hook to provide sustenance, punishment, or worse yet both in ever-increasing volumes.

Making people dependent upon you for whatever reason is immoral and unnatural.  All Life begins Dependent upon their creators.  While some are quickly thrown into the unknown dangers of an uncertain world only having instinct to rely on, others are cared for and protected while they are taught navigate known waters in order to one day navigate their own, uncertain or not.

The Coerced Dependency of Human Beings is nothing less than their Domestication.  Domestication is the discipline of coercing dependency over generations to breed out Independence.  To breed out Self Determination.  To breed out Free Will.  Domesticating Humans is a form of Slavery.  It is sick, immoral, Unconstitutional, and Dangerous.

Domesticating grazing animals is one thing, but domesticating predators is another.  Yes most predators are fairly safe as long as you keep them full and are able to keep them at arms distance if necessary.  But we’re not talking about large cats or bears here.  We’re talking about the most capable predator this planet has ever seen, Humans.

Yes, The 48 Laws of Power are true, but in knowing the Laws we can use them to prevent their use upon the unwilling.  Look at Social Security and Medicare today.  Are they altruistic systems and voluntarily participated in, or are they tools to foster fear and worry in order to coerce involuntary servitude?

Law 11 Reversed – Coerce Human Independence

DO NOT make others Dependent upon you, it will only lead to their and your misery.  DO NOT become Dependent upon others, in fact just as a child becomes Independent of their parents, become Independent of your Government.

We must end the Domestication of Human Beings because the End is Far . . .

Steve A Morris

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Tolerance, Civility, and the Camel’s Nose

Nearly two decades ago I was traveling through Europe, primarily Switzerland, and I got a very good lesson in Tolerance.  I understood tolerance to be a behavior of acceptance as it was commonly used at the University I was attending, but the Swiss understood it differently.

Muslim immigration, primarily illegal, was a problem in Switzerland in 1993.  Most were refugees from the war torn Yugoslavia and Turkey it seems.  While the bigger department stores were less obvious about their disapproval of the unwanted guests, smaller family owned vendors such as cafes, butchers, bread shops, etc would all PROMINENTLY DISPLAY “No Turks, No Yugos” in their storefront windows.

This was an odd sight for a 23 year old American Southerner who had been conditioned his whole life to ‘Tolerate’ other races and cultures.  Not sure about everywhere else in the nation, but in the Deep South we were constantly educated about racial and religious equality and acceptance.  I had no issue with it, it seemed obvious.

So I asked a new acquaintance about this obvious discrimination and intolerance.  What I heard was an eye opener.  “You Americans are not as smart as you think you are” is the way the response began.  I immediately prepared to entrench myself into my understanding and position, she being younger and obviously less experienced.  But being 23 and quite attractive, she threw me off guard with her intoxicating Swiss accent so I relaxed and allowed her to continue.  My superior understanding and experience of a few years would have to wait.

Ursula, or rather Usi, explained that Tolerance does not mean Acceptance.  It means that you are irritating me and because I am civilized I am giving you the opportunity to cease your behavior before I too ignore civility.  She went on to explain how Tolerance was measured  by how long civility could be maintained, by the one Tolerating of course.  The one being Tolerated, she reminded me, is not being Civil.

A High Tolerance meant civility could be maintained for a longer period than when having a Low Tolerance.  Different behaviors were tolerated more or less depending upon the person and how long they had been tolerating something or someone.  Now I’m paraphrasing here, I assure you there is no way to truly recreate this lesson in life.  Just imagine 20 odd years of Tolerance Training being erased in almost an instant by a youthful foreigner.

(I’ve always been attracted to smart women so I was powerless against her accent, beauty, and strangely logical explanation.  Her inexperience, youth, and superior understanding were now only a minor irritation :) But it did not end here.

Usi went on to tell me the story about the Camel and the Tent.  You see a Camel stuck its nose under the edge of a tent and the owner told the Camel in so many words “No thanks, you need to find other lodging” to which the Camel responded “Surely you can Tolerate just my nose under the edge of the tent?  I am a refugee and it is so cold out there and so nice and warm in here.” And so the tent owner felt bad and obliged.

She then went through the rest of the story quickly as if she wanted to get to the point right away.  So the Camel pushes his neck into the tent, the owner now irritated objects, the camel reminds him how cold it is, how a little Tolerance is warranted, and the owner concedes.  Then the Camel’s legs, objection, another plea for Tolerance, and again capitulation.

And finally the Camel gets his whole body inside and pushes the once owner out.  The former owner of the tent tries to get his nose under the tent and the Camel hits him proclaiming “No Trespassing!”  The moral of the story, Wisdom can come from unexpected places and DO NOT entertain Uninvited ‘guests’.

Tolerance is a one way street.  Tolerance is not an invitation for more of the same behavior.  Endless Tolerance is the path to Homelessness.

Do the Latin Americans and Socialists come to mind?

It is time to reset our Tolerances and Civility, because the End is Far . . .

Steve A Morris

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Too Big to Succeed

Our Federal Government is Too Big to Succeed.  The behemoth rooted in Washington, DC has roots sucking the entire nation dry while it only bears fruit close to home.  When it does decide to distribute that fruit, it picks its favorite locations ignoring where it draws it sustinance, paying attention only to areas where it draws it power to suck us all dry.

Okay, that was a bit dramatic and I had much more, but let’s get down to business.  Too Big to Succeed is what Big Finance, Big Business, and Big Government refer to as Too Big to Fail.  ???  Houston we have a disconnect here.  ‘They’, we all know who they are, they say they are too big to fail.  We cannot possibly let them fail because if they fail, well as it turns out they fail.  Yes we have trillions of dollars ‘invested’ in them, but as that has turned out, it was and still is a bad investment and it takes more and more resources to get back an ever increasing negative return.

Too Big to Succeed in economics means Monopoly.  It means we have put so many of our eggs into someone else’s basket under someone else’s control that they are now calling ALL the shots and they are threatening that if we don’t keep feeding the basket, then it won’t won’t have any eggs left in it.  It’s sort of like the argument that if we don’t send more soldiers to die, then all the ones we already sent to die, died for nothing.  Who is sending and who is supplying soldiers is a similar story.

Can we see inside the basket?  Nope.  No need to see in the basket.  Can we take our eggs out and find another basket?  Nope.  There are not eggs in the basket.  In fact, we owe the basket 15,000,000,000,000 eggs and every time they print another promise for an egg, we have to lay one.

That’s right, its the Law and they are about to Promise another 2,400,000,000,000 eggs that we have to lay.  Who is getting all of our eggs?  Like Stalin said, if you want to make an omelet, you have to crack a few dozen trillion eggs.  Oh, and only about 1/4 of the hens are worth a damn so they get to lay for everyone.

The Too Big to Fail Federal Reserve can at any time print another ‘Promise to Pay’ that we have to lay.  They don’t keep their promises, they Print Promises and then Congress doles them out to the most able to ‘keep’ them.  I’ve wondered off topic a bit, but it is important to recognize what a sham our Federal Government and Bank has become.

I’m trying to keep these posts somewhat short, so I’m going to stop here in order to break up what is a somewhat lengthy concept.

Coming up, Why is our Federal Government Too Big to Succeed.

Folks, The End is Far and we cannot live like this forever.


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Achtung! BBA National Socialism Alert

Achtung!  National Socialism Alert!  The Balanced Budget Amendment is not what it seems.

Senate Joint Resolution 10, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relative to balancing the budget, does not and will not balance the budget.  It actually codifies the Federal government’s ownership of you.  Sound scary?  It is and it’s being pushed by the likes of Rand Paul and Jim DeMint.

There are 10 sections to the Amendment and while there are problems with all of them, a few are just simply show stoppers.

Section 2 codifies the Federal government’s ownership of 18% of the US Economy.  They word it as though it is an 18% of GDP cap on government outlays, but Momma didn’t raise no dummy.  In practice it makes the switch from limiting the Federal government by limiting its Scope of responsibilities to limiting it to a percentage of annual productivity, sort of.

I say sort of because ‘they’ can raise the percentage with 218, 260, or 291 votes depending upon what crisis ‘they’ come up with under Sections 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7.  Remember, they will never let a good crisis go to waste, even if they have to invent one.  Come to think of it they already have one in the War on Terrorism which will last far longer than the War on Drugs and that will only end when Independence is restored.

Section 3 transfers the responsibility of writing the budget to the President.  My first thought was “why do we need a Congress or Senate?”  What will their job be?  The Executive office already out legislates Congress, both Houses, 10 to 1 in writing Regulations and Executive Orders that carry the force of Law.

The President has assumed the role of setting the Nation’s agenda, and he can and does engage in kinetic military actions (aka WAR) without Congressional approval.  What good are ‘they’ other than an email address that only returns form letters letting you know your rights are just not as important as the multiple crises that they are dutifully managing for you.  Even if/though poorly.

Section 8, aptly named, defines receipts as all receipts except those derived from borrowing.  No wonder they needed a clause (Section 5) to raise the debt limit in a Balanced Budget Amendment.  It also defines outlays as all outlays, drumroll please . . . . except those for repayment of debt principle from borrowing.

So borrowing money and the repayment of the principle are not included in a Balanced Budget Amendment.  Make sense to you?  It hurts my brain to imagine what a CF this is going to turn out to be.

And finally we come to Section 10 which states that Congress has the power to enforce this Amendment by appropriate legislation, oh and they can rely on estimates of receipts, outlays, and GDP.  You can’t make this stuff up folks.

By granting the Federal Government official ownership, 18% to start, over the US economy they de facto own your productivity, assuming you are of course productive.  Funny thing is that those most Dependent upon the State will be least owned while the most productive will mostly owned.  State Ownership of your Productivity is SOCIALISM.  How’s that for an Independence Day hangover?

With all the exceptions, contradictions to reality, and with those who work the hardest being the most exploited Animal Farm immediately came to mind.  ‘They’ are planting the seeds for this Amendment to be passed.  I’ve seen it come up on a couple of the Tea Party sites and several Senators are talking about it in relation to the Cut, Cap, & Balance Pledge.

See the current Amendment here and write your Representatives to let them know you’re on to them.

The End is FAR . . .

Steve A Morris

Note:  Section 8 above is actually Section 9 in the Amendment, but I decided to leave it after I found the error since it fit so nicely.

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No Representation without Constitutional Education

Ignorance is bliss folks and our government has never been happier.  A sad fact is that one cannot pay attention and go even just 1 day, sometimes hours, without a new absurdity being exposed about our Federal Government.  One of the latest absurdities is that Rep. Tom Graves (GA9), who ‘represents’ a large portion of Georgia north and northwest of Atlanta, is upset that BO II used an ‘autopen’ to officially abrogate our rights for another 4 years.

While Tom voted against the Intolerable Act, I commend him for that, whining about the President not putting his ink on yet another ‘sunset’ on the abrogation of our rights is absurd.  Who gives a rats ass whether our Rights are Officially taken away or not?

Fact is the ‘Small Business Additional Temporary Extension Act of 2011‘ became law with or without BO II’s ink 10 days after it was submitted to him anyway.  Yes, that’s right folks, the Small Business Act of 1958 was once again ‘temporarily’ extended, again. Makes you wonder if the Patriot Act ‘temporary’ extension will be temporarily extended for the next 53 years doesn’t it?

Does anyone else find it concerning that 20 Congressmen & women quoted Article 1 Section 7 to remind the President that he is to sign, not autopen,  Bills into law, but failed to read the entire paragraph that shows His Highness’ signature is not necessary for the abrogation of our rights to be once again ‘temporarily’ extended?  It only took THREE more sentences to find out that Bills become Law after 10 days without Veto.

Oddly the New York Times also recognized Tom’s laziness.

Perhaps these brave 20 are upset that our Rights weren’t ‘officially’ abrogated for the nine days the 2006 temporary extension had expired.  Guess they were worried that circumventing our GOD given Rights is a bit iffy without a signature and several copies. You can’t make this stuff up, we are living in 1984.  Here’s the Letter sent; some of the Rulers who signed are surprising.

If we can’t get our ‘Representatives’ to read the Bills they vote Yea on, how are we to expect them to read and understand the Foundation (aka Constitution) they are adding onto?

Ladies & Gents, we do not have Representatives in Washington DC.  In order for these people to represent us they must have an Education in the Constitution that authorizes them to represent us.  They obviously do not and as long as we continue to play along, they do not need to because they RULE The United States’ People, they do not Represent The United States’ People.

We have to end Representation without Constitutional Education, because The End is FAR . . .

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The Intolerable Acts

The End is FAR has created a new Forum category called ‘The Intolerable Acts‘ named after the ‘Coercive Acts‘ that Great Britain passed to bring their American subjects into line and submission in response to the Boston Tea Party.  These Acts were specifically egregious to grown men and women who had no need or want for foster parents, foreign or domestic, who had authority over their futures.

This Forum is open for everyone, grown men and women, to start discussions and what we’d like to see is you share your thoughts on old or new Laws, Acts, Regulations, Fees, Taxes, and the like that are egregious to a Free and Independent Society.

No format is needed, just get the story or topic started and leave the rest up to spontaneous discussion.  Hint:  When you hear or see the word ‘Bipartisan‘ in the news or elsewhere, you can be pretty certain it is Unconstitutional.  Share it with us.

The Intolerable Acts must be scrutinized and repealed, because The End is FAR  . . .


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Move over Hope

Here comes the Change you’ve been waiting for.

Our government needs to change.  The principles of Liberty and Limited Government codified in Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution have been replaced by Central Planning and unlimited Government.  A century or more of authoritative interpretation and thousands of laws contrary to our founding principles has created far more problems than they have sought to solve.

The Laws of Nature, that recognize our equal stations and by which we are all bound, are not open to interpretation.  They are fixed and constant and this is wonderful news for Liberty and the Universe in general.  Fixed and constant laws allow everyone to predict the outcome of their individual actions through observation, trial, error, and most importantly success.  Our government needs to change.

How every individual may or may not need to change is beyond the capability of human thought, collective or otherwise.  That kind of change is not worth pursuing and those engaged in the attempt are doomed to failure more than likely harming those they seek to change far more than themselves.  In many cases this central planning activity actually creates wealth for the planners at the expense of the coerced and unwilling bystanders creating a dangerous conflict of interest.  Good Intentions quickly replace favorable results and the Road to Hell is paved by Union mentality and the multitude of government offices, agencies, and departments.

It is our Government that needs to be changed and more appropriately restored and re-secured.  As President George Washington noted government is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.  Currently we have a fearful master and we must again make it a servant paying careful attention to its dangers.  Washington also noted fire is a dangerous servant, but we know how to use it, contain it, put it out, and most importantly how to restart/restore it.  The same goes for government.

Now how do we restore the fearful master into the useful servant?  How do we restore Liberty/Independence when so many are dependent (willfully or not) upon the various levels of Government?

It is not possible to go into great detail here, but to sum it up; through Organized Change Management and Distributive Planning.  OCM clearly defines our current situation, our desired outcome, and a path that considers the health and happiness of those willing to take the journey.  Distributive Planning makes use of clear objectives, effective communication, motivated coordinators, and the capabilities of those willing to contribute.

Folks we have the capability to turn this master (fearful or not) called government into the valuable servant it is meant to be.  Not was meant to be as inalienable rights are always in the present tense.  You and I control the ‘consent’ that government gets its just powers from.  Consent being the power behind government has been recognized for at least 500 years and is as real, testable, and repeatable as the Laws of Nature.

We have the capability.  Organizations have been using OCM and Distributive Planning for quite some time to reach desired objectives and we have modern technology to quickly collaborate, test, and act upon our findings with the same success.

We are more capable than those we refer as The Founders.  We have all their knowledge and 235 years of experience.  Many of us have the motivation, and distributive planning makes use of the innovation that separates us from apes.  The only path to failure is a lack of desire.  A lack of action is a lack of desire.

We have the Nation’s and indeed the World’s attention!  We must not miss this opportunity.  While Liberty is constant in our universe, we have a window of opportunity not seen in 230 odd years that is within arms reach and who knows when it will disappear or when it might return.  Our chance to restore our master into servant with relative ease depends upon our ability to make use of the attention being paid to the calls for Liberty here at home and abroad today.  We’re already paying dearly for our current master and the costs to restore it to the common services/servant beneficial to all may never be lower than now.

The benefits of having Public Servants over Public Masters are far too numerous to describe.  Simply not having to hear about which Ruler or Side made ‘your’ share of someone else’s burden even heavier would be enough for most.  The number of benefits that come with Liberty are as numerous as the number of detriments that come from Slavery.  Do not ask whether yourself whether you are a slave, ask yourself whether someone who claims to represent you has the influence of a master.

Freedom is not free, but it is far less expensive than the coerced servitude being paraded as entitlements.

Do not delay.  Quit serving the servant.  Join the restoration of the principles codified in our Founding documents.  And Restore your Independence for yourself and everyone’s posterity.

There is no time to waste, The End is FAR!

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