If Life is a Journey and the End is Far . . .

If Life is Journey and the End is Far . . .

Are the D’s or R’s going to get us there safe and sound?

While there are obviously millions that are banking on it, I prefer to take another path.  My own.  As for the D’s and R’s path, NO THANKS.  In fact, they can take their sorry ass insane plans and stick them back with their heads where the Sun never shines.  Insanity being the HOPE or IGNORANCE that doing the same thing over and over again will bear different results.

How many times do ‘they’ have to prove that the Road to Hell is paved with their Good Intentions.  The Road to Hell/Serfdom is behind us, we are there folks.  I’m going take the high road this time and imagine that the D & R ‘Leaders’ (it still escapes me why a people who Declared Independence rely on inept ‘leaders’) are not simply subversively controlling the futures of our lives for their own personal amusement and/or profit.  No instead, I am going to imagine that ‘they’ simply have our best interest at heart.

Frederick von Hayek wrote long ago that the Central Planners thought that if they took the centrally planned resource allocation that comes during periods of War and continued to apply them during periods of Peace, that they could efficiently and effectively plan the lives of millions better than individuals could do for themselves.  Basically what they believed was that since during wartime they were quite effective at rationing scarce resources (labor, property, lives, etc) that the same rationing would work even better during peacetime.  All for the ‘good’ of the people of course.

What they found was something else altogether.  What was discovered is that people do not march to the beat of one drum during peacetime.  Everyone has their own objectives, their own pace, and are highly resistant to rationing and marching in step.  They found that it is hard to get people to go along without some major Crisis for them to unite against.

Now I have a dilemma, earlier I said I was going to take the high road and imagine that the D&R Central Planners have our best interest at heart.  What is now evident is that Self Interest is rampant amongst mankind so it is quite impossible for the Interest of the many to be Centrally Planned, especially during Peacetime.

Is it possible that ‘they’ still have our best interests at heart when they cannot possibly fathom them all?  No of course they can’t, but that creates an opportunity create common interests (i.e. Poverty, Equality, Drugs, Terrorism – Crisis) for people to unite against.  What the D’s & R’s have done is created two sets of common interests for people to unite behind while throwing in a War or Two.  This sets up a very good system that allows the failure of a good D intention to be contrasted against the failure of a good R intention.

The Two Party System gives them an Oligopoly on the intentions to choose from which is the subject of the next post.  Law 31 – Control the Options, Get Others to Play the Cards You Deal.

If Life is a Journey, and the End is Far, who are you going to trust to get you there?  A ‘D’?  An ‘R’?  How about an ‘I’?

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The Evil of Banality


Adolf Eichmann

Just about a week ago I read an article by Wendy McElroy over at Mises.Org titled ‘Grappling with the Banality of Evil‘ that got me thinking.  Banality was not a term in my lexicon that I ever used, if it were ever in really my lexicon at all.  It sounded familiar, but it was not clear.  So I did like I always do, I looked it up and looked for it’s origin.  The modern definition is ‘common in a boring way, predictable’ but this is not how Wendy was using it, nor how I understood it.

McElroy was using it in a compulsory sense describing how war atrocities are banal in a legal, coercive, and excusing sense, and low and behold the term derives from Medieval Latin ‘bannalis’ meaning ‘pertaining to compulsory feudal service, command, proclamation’.  It is Legal Evil.  This made more sense and as I stated above, it got me thinking.  It got me thinking about the Evil of Banality itself.

Banality is Feudalism.  It is compulsory service.  It is the Authority behind the “I was just following orders” excuse so often used by Government Employees and their Employer.  It is Legal Plunder, Legal Slavery, and Legal Murder all committed under the Banner of Law.  But Banality is more than that, it not only is the Excuse of Atrocity, it spreads culpability so thin it never hurts those behind the Authority.

Worse yet, culpability is ultimately placed upon the system of government for which those who are offended pay for and are forced to depend upon.  Think Law Enforcement murders an innocent in the line of duty, accident or not.  The Officer may be punished, but it is the City with money so ‘they’ get sued and ‘they’ pay the most while the People get to reimburse the City.  You start to wonder whether justice should be served since the innocent are once again offended, again under the Banner of Law.

(There is a difference between Law Enforcement and Peace Keeping so don’t take the analogy too far or suppose that I seek a community without a Sheriff or Order, quite the contrary)

Now this is a huge subject, somehow I never choose (or perhaps they do not choose me) simple subjects, so this is a good place to stop.  I will pick certain Banalities of Government (Compulsory/Mandatory Evils) to write about in the near future, but I would like for you to ponder the Banality (Gov’t Mandated Planning) of our Government and how it affects your daily life.

Life is a Journey and the End is Far . . .

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Translation for a Warmista

This is a response to Theo Goodwin over at http://WattsUpWithThat.com

“I have to inform you that your comment is about empirical knowledgee and will require translation for Warmista.”

Temperature is the representation of Energy Pressure.  All objects in the Universe radiate energy and the rate is known as Temperature.  In order for an object to maintain an even Pressure (aka Temp) it must have an equal amount of energy going in as it cools.  If an object has more energy going out than it has coming in, it is said to be cooling.  The opposite is warming.

Different matter has different ability to hold energy within a given volume and pressure.  For example.  A cubic meter of water (1,000,000 grams and specific heat 4.186 joules/gram C) holds about 1.2 Billion joules at 15C (288.15 Kelvin) and requires about 4.1 Million joules +or- to raise or lower the Temp 1C.  It’s pressure is 15C or about 390W/m^2 leaving which means that to remain 15C it must also have 390W/m^2 going in.

Air with the same volume (1,250 grams SHC 1.007j/gram C) only holds about 350,000 joules at 15C, but has the same pressure of 390W/m^2.  It requires about 1,258 joules to raise or lower it’s temp (aka Pressure) 1C.  Now it takes about 3.2 seconds to lower the Energy Pressure of the Air 1,258 joules to give it a Temp of 14C radiating at 385W/m^2.  Over the same period the same volume of water cools .0003C radiating at 389.9999999W/m^2.

What this shows is that in order for Air to increase the energy pressure within Water, it has to have a Pressure (aka Temp) much higher because its reserves are so little as compared.  The Temp of water in nature will NEVER be dictated by Air temp, only the other way around.

Imagine two water balloons hooked to each other.  One is 1 gallon and the other 3,300 gallons at the same pressure.  If you squeeze the smaller one you only increase the pressure in the big one a very small amount.  If you squeeze the big one, you rapidly increase the pressure in the small one.

The point is that Heat Capacity, Density, and Volume dictate that, in nature, heat will always flow from Higher Energy Capacity*Density (i.e. Water) to areas with Lower Capacity*Density (Air).  You will not find that the so-called Back Radiation can heat an area from which the Radiation came.  If a GCM shows Energy flowing from areas of Low Pressure to areas with High Pressure, it is not reflecting what happens in reality.

It is IMPOSSIBLE, not to mention that the causes of the “Back Radiation” will act in the exact same way on the Original Radiation causing a Back-Back Radiation, and then a Back-Back-Back Radiation and so on as that area expands due to the extremely high elasticity of air causing it to rise.  The atmosphere’s elasticity increases with altitude making it easier and easier to expand as the air is pushed upwards by cooler more dense air being dragged by Gravity beneath it.

To take a line from most AGW Advocates.  “It is simple physics really.”

Follow the Energy because the End is Far  . . .

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Papa Smurf is a Marxist and a Plagiarist

What the Smurf!?  The Communists are also Blue?

In a recent Washington Times opinion piece on the socio-economic ideology the Smurfs is examined and as it turns out, Papa Smurf is not only a Marxist, he is also a Plagiarist.  He took Marx’s line “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” without giving Marx any credit.

Now I’m not really all that concerned about a cartoon plagiarizing Marx’s work and I highly doubt Marx or his advocates mind the creators of the cartoon spreading the Marxist ideology to children (adult or otherwise), what I’m concerned about is that Marxism is already in full practice here in the US and very few are acknowledging it.

You see some Smurfs hate their Morality being centrally planned, but see a great need to have Generosity centrally planned, especially for those who produce more than others.  These are Democrat Smurfs.  Other Smurfs hate their Generosity being centrally planned, but see a great need to have Morality centrally planned, especially for those who do not believe as they do.  These are Republican Smurfs.  These are the only types of Smurfs that have representation in the United Smurfs of America, aka USA.

(For those of you who are not familiar with my writing, see Socialism)

Today, there are a growing number of Independent Smurfs who don’t care to have their Generosity or Morality socialized.  They are called Smurfed-jobs and are marginalized by Papa Smurf who is the Split Personality Ruler (aka Two Party System) of all the Smurfs.  One of his personalities Rules according Democratic Socialism (Forced Altruism) and the other Republican Socialism (Forced Morality).  Both sides hate the Independent Smurfs because those who are Independent resist being forced.

That’s what the Democrats and Republicans actually represent respectively.  They don’t represent People, they represent the Two Best Ways to Control People without appearing to control them directly.  One side (the D’s) claims they care about the Needy so much that they are willing to force everyone who is Able to “give” a share of their Labor or Property in order to relieve the Needy of their need.

Of course almost everything in Nature follows the path of least resistance so the Needy, not having to work for their survival, simply become more needy which of course requires less and less of their own energy and as it turns out gets a higher return.  Their Need is never relieved for long and their numbers increase placing a greater load on the decreasing percentage of the Able.

Now the other side of the coin is the R’s.  They care so much about everyone’s souls that they are willing to force everyone to behave as they say to do, not as they actually do.  They understand that Morality does not come from Free Will, but rather via the carrot or the stick.

The stick is obvious.  They are more than willing to punish those who don’t commit crimes against others, but who cannot seem to stop committing crimes against themselves or ‘The Government’.  Self Crimes as defined by the Republicans, of course.  The Carrot is not as obvious.  The Carrot is the reward of privilege such as Gov’t recognized marriage, Gov’t sanctioned drug use, and a Justice System that is sometimes blind, and sometimes not.

Folks, stop believing what the Two Party System of Control is telling you.  Our lives are being Centrally Planned through Forced Altruism and Morality everyday and as each every person is found to lack either Generosity and/or Morality (aka FREE WILL), they justify more Forced Free Will, which of course is less Free Will.  The less Free Will they let you have, the more they feel is necessary to take.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Freedom is Free.  It is Free Will.  It is Freedom from Forced Altruism and Morality.

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The Newtinies continue.  Not sure who coined the term “Newtiny”, but it is a good one and Newt stepped in it again.  Recently ABC News discovered and reported that Newt’s Campaign gear is,  get this, NOT Made in America.

I know I was completely floored that when I heard this too.  I mean who buys their stuff from the likes of China, Germany, Japan, S Korea, or Mexico anymore?  Okay sarcasm off.  This is an extremely important topic and the reason I got off to a sarcastic start is two fold;  EVERYBODY knows it is too expensive to manufacture most goods in America to compete with foreigners, and the fix is actually quite easy.

Yes you heard correct.  The fix to return manufacturing (and JOBS) to the United States of America is easy.  Then why you might ask is whatever that must be done, not being done?  That I cannot answer, but the solution is to follow some solid old advice on tariffs, 235 years old to be exact.

Adam Smith in the Wealth of  Nations wrote that there are only 2 reasons to impose a tariff.  One is on National Defense products and services so high that items related to National Defense would ALWAYS be, in the case of the US, Made in America.  The other is a tariff on foreign goods & services to match taxes and fees imposed upon competing products and services made domestically.

This is quite an important economic rule to adhere to.  One, National Defense should never be compromised because another nation can’t keep up with our demand.  This makes perfect sense so I’ll leave it at that.  The other case may or may not make as much sense so here goes.

When the US Federal, State, or Local Governments impose a Tax, Fee, Regulation, License, etc upon US Products (including Services), then that raises the cost to produce that Product here, raising it price.  A quick and very incomplete list of these additional costs US manufacturers deal with, including but not limited to; Corporate Taxes, Income Taxes, Social Security Taxes, FICA, various Agency costs such as (EPA, OSHA, DOT, FDA, etc), UNIONS, and the list goes on.

Some may argue that “Hey, we need all those taxes, fees, licenses, and regulatory costs in order to maintain safety and order” and I have a very good argument against, but that can wait.  Suppose no argument against these additional government imposed costs can be found, what are the ramifications?

First as we discussed already the cost and therefore price of US products go up.  This gives our foreign competition a leg up on our guys and gals here at home.  Most of our foreign competition does not have all the government mandated costs that our manufacturers have so they now have a US Government mandated competitive edge.  Sound crazy?  It is.

So in response OUR Manufacturers spent billions increasing efficiency and quality to compete, but alas to no avail.  So what do they start doing?  They move what once used to be OUR operations overseas to THEIR operations.  Now THEY get extremely efficient processes and better quality at no effort or costs to themselves.  They have cheaper labor and less taxes so now our loyal manufacturers have to compete with similar efficiency and quality + less government overhead.  That is not competition, that’s a massacre.

So all Adam Smith is advising to do is level the playing field.  Even out the competition.  Why get in the ring if your legs and arms are tied and your trainer left you for the other team?  It is just an invitation to get beat up.  We gave them the jobs, we gave them the manufacturing know how, we gave them the quality know how, and all we should ask for in return is the SAME government imposed costs applied to their products as is ours.  Even Steven competition and our Guys and Gals are a match for ANYONE.

This system is actually ingenious.  What it will do is raise the price of foreign goods equal to what it would be to produce them here.  So now the US Federal Government will be getting hundreds of billions of dollars in Tariffs each year, except those Tariffs will start earning less with each year because US Manufacturing, US Ingenuity, US Pride, and most important today US Workers will be back in the game and our store shelves once again filled with “MADE IN AMERICA” stamped all over the the high quality products that Americans were once renown for.

I worked for Wal-Mart back in ’87 when Made in America was a Wal-Mart requirement.  Sure they had Made in Taiwan, China, etc, but that was the exception, not the rule.

Folks this is OUR Nation we’re talking about.  This is our lives, our home, and standard of living.  We cannot continue to let the same two failed ideologies (D’s & R’s) that got us into this mess continue to lead us down the path to misery.

‘They’ do not suffer from their poor decisions.  They like the Bankers (wonder why?) win whether we win or lose.  They claim, and they actually might, to feel bad when their poor decisions make us suffer, but they will never actually FEEL as bad we do.  I’m not suggesting we make them FEEL bad.

I am suggesting we do like we should have long ago and start replacing and ignoring them because the End is Far.

Steve A Morris

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Law 1 – Never Outshine the Master

This morning I read an article about how Ron Paul supporters have already given up (of course the opposite is occurring) and how Ron Paul is a great guy and all, but his “insistence on opposing all but the perfect” means that his Presidency would mean that compromising to attain ‘good’ (read unconstitutional act) would be out of the question.

Quite simply a false choice so I began writing up a brief on ‘Law 46 – Never Appear Too Perfect’, and how those who are attempting to keep Power are trying to make Paul APPEAR bad by making him APPEAR ‘too perfect’.  Yes we live in Bizarro World, but as I was writing it it occurred to me that it would be more appropriate to write about Law 1 first.  While the two are related, Law 46 Assumes that Public Opinion/Envy is a type of Master where Law 1 assumes that we have a Master in the first place.  Best to get the physical Master out of the picture before describing psychological Slavery.

Okay so Law 1 – Never Outshine the Master

This Law reeks of Slavery.  Never Outshine the Master?  Who’s Master?  Who is the Master?

How about not having a Master?  How about not having Slaves?  Where are those Laws?  Oh yeah, the Constitution and DOI, but we’re not talking about the Laws of Nature and equal stations here on Earth, we’re discussing the Laws of Power that creates Masters and their Slaves!

So earlier we examined how Slavery is a Condition of Dependency.  A Slave is either dependent upon permission (threat of force) or sustenance (threat of withholding) in some form or another.  (We just saw an example when Obama threatened to withhold Social Security checks)

Here in Law 1 we see Greene acknowledging the dangers of One Upping the Master or someone you are dependent upon.  Makes great sense, right?  How can Authority over another be maintained when the Governed (aka Slave) is more competent than the Governor (aka Master)?  If a slave shows they have ability, a Master must reassert their position by withholding sustenance or applying punishment for not getting permission to Shine.  What a sick way to live for both the Master and Slave.

So protocols must be put into place that keeps everyone in their place.  Competency cannot be a measure of Arbitrary Power, for if it is, then the Power is neither Arbitrary nor is it rare and centralized.  Greene’s work is really describing ‘The 48 Laws of Centralized Arbitrary Power’ not the Power of Free Will.  Not the Power of Innovation.  Not the Power of Free Association.  Not the Power of Being Human or Human Being.

No, those forms of Power must be repressed else Power cannot be consolidated for the pleasure and profit of the Few.

Law 1 Reversal – Always Outshine the would be Master and Withhold Consent

Involuntary Servitude (Consent) is inhumane.  Those who seek such service are in effect looking for something for nothing.  Those who seek something for nothing are either lazy, inept, or just plain stealing for pleasure.  They are losers.

Outshine the would be Master by doing well for yourself.  Publicly admonish their laziness, their ignorance, and rent seeking.  Refuse ‘gifts’ they stole from others.  These ‘gifts’ are only a ‘freebie’ in the short-term, the intent is to get you hooked and dependent upon Slave Labor and in turn adding yours to it.

See Law 11 Reversal

We must put the spotlight on the Current and Would be Masters (World Leaders), we must show just how Inept their Rule is, and we must acknowledge and showcase just how capable we are.  Stop Consenting to their Rule.

Why?  You know why, because the End is Far, and Slavery is no way to live till tomorrow let alone a lifetime or even worse passing it on to your posterity .  .  .

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A Democrat, Republican, and an IRS Agent walk into a Bar

Recently . . .

A Democrat, Republican, and an IRS Agent walked into a Bar.

The Bartender says what will you have?  The Democrat says “I’ll have a Martini, and next the next round for the house is on me.”  The Republican says “I’ll have a Manhattan, and the next next round for the House is on me.”  Grinning ear to ear, both had obviously already been drinking.  And the so bartender looks at the IRS Agent and asks “Well, what are you having?“, to which she replies curtly “I’m not drinking, I’m working.

So the Democrat and the Republican spend the next few hours ordering Martinis, Manahattans, expensive wines and cognacs arguing over how everyone should be more generous with their money, how morality has broken down, and what laws are needed to fix everything as they get shit-faced.  All the while the IRS Agent has been busy visiting each table asking questions about income, number of children, savings, and whatnot jotting various things down.

At the Eleventh Hour the Democrat and the Republican exhausted from championing, and champagne-ing, their respective causes agree to disagree till tomorrow and stumble towards the door.

The bartender says “Hey, you two racked up one hell of a bill here fellas, buying our most expensive liquors and multiple rounds for the house.  WHO is going to pay for this?!”  And the Democrat & Republican reply in unison “She” pointing to the IRS Agent “is taking care of it” as they bark orders to their limo drivers and stumble, holding each other up as they always do, out the door.

So the IRS Agent hands the Bartender a list of names, credit card numbers, and amounts divvied up according to who could afford most of the bill including a Tip for herself.

The End.

You might thinking that is the worst joke ever and you would be right.

The joke is on US of A and we need to correct that, because the End is Far . . .

Steve A Morris

A better version of the Joke Here.

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