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Papa Smurf is a Marxist and a Plagiarist

What the Smurf!?  The Communists are also Blue? In a recent Washington Times opinion piece on the socio-economic ideology the Smurfs is examined and as it turns out, Papa Smurf is not only a Marxist, he is also a Plagiarist. 

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Let’s make a Deal Governor

Yesterday I found out about Georgia HB 476 that creates and funds the Georgia Health Exchange Authority.  Sound familiar?  Well it should, it is the Georgia arm of the American Health Exchange Authority which is created and funded under the American

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The Problem with Plebeians

While doing some research on the Rise and Fall of Rome I came across a documentary called ‘Empires: Order from Chaos’ about the reign of Caesar Augustus that gave me a new perspective of the welfare class. Leading up to the 1st

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Changing the format of The End is Far

It may seem odd to see “Progressive Liberalism” as the new label for this website, but not after recognizing what the two terms actually mean. The term ‘progressive‘ is typically associates with socialistic political beliefs, however the term simply means

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The Tax Day Tea Party – Atlanta

tea party,atlanta,legacy If you haven’t attended a Tea Party yet, it is worth getting to at least one this year, after one I think you’ll be interested in attending more.  This is a political movement never before seen in all

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Attention! Shareholders Meeting Today

tea party,liberty,stockholder In looking for a subject to write about on Tax Day 2010, I noticed many people trying desperately to put a label on the Tea Parties and the attendees, namely the Main Stream Media, Democrats, and Republicans. Early on

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So now Newt agrees with Obama?

newt gingrich obama health “Newt, what’s happened buddy?” Newt Gingrich, who agrees with Hillary on Climate Change now agrees with Obama on Health Care? Well, at least the open negotiations part. What I’d like to ask Newt is “What business

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