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The Intolerable Acts

The End is FAR has created a new Forum category called ‘The Intolerable Acts‘ named after the ‘Coercive Acts‘ that Great Britain passed to bring their American subjects into line and submission in response to the Boston Tea Party.  These Acts

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Move over Hope

Here comes the Change you’ve been waiting for. Our government needs to change.  The principles of Liberty and Limited Government codified in Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution have been replaced by Central Planning and unlimited Government.  A

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The Preacher’s Daughter Syndrome or PDS

Have you ever known the preacher’s daughter?  No, not intimately if that’s what you’re thinking.  Have you ever known anyone whose parents were so strict that they tended to be wild when not under direct supervision?  Have you ever known

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At TPN, We like you if you’re like us

Not going to make a mountain out of a mole hill with regards to being banned or suspended from Tea Party Nation, but I feel it prudent to write an article that search engines (i.e. banned or suspended from TPN)

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Tea Party Nation, Thank you

continued . . . I understand that replacing a de facto King with a new and relatively innocent de facto King (even a Social Conservative) will leave plenty of room for error when recognizing that ‘Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely’.  There

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