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Lean Toward

A news article over at Cowboy Byte caught my attention this morning that I found a bit interesting.  The Obama Campaign has a new slogan simply called ‘Forward’ that Cowboy Byte correctly ties to Socialist propaganda throughout modern socialism.  This

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Tea Party Nation, Thank you

continued . . . I understand that replacing a de facto King with a new and relatively innocent de facto King (even a Social Conservative) will leave plenty of room for error when recognizing that ‘Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely’.  There

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Natural Born Citizens

The debate over Barack Hussein Obama II’s citizenship should not be confused with the computer edited copy of the Birth Certificate that he falsely released as authentic.  BHO II is a United States Citizen, natural born, because he acquired his citizenship from

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"Because I’m the President"

Obama,Constitution,President Just over a year ago Barrack Obama was elected to the Office of The President of the United States.  At the time I was suspicious of his ability to carry out the roles and responsibilities, but like many I

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Taxpayers Best Friend

pet McCotter Poor Brutus, he just found out only 25% of the folks in a recent Rasmussen poll think he should get up to a $3,500 tax break for expenses used in his care.  Guess folks just think times are

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Government, Too Big to Fail

too big to fail government Article 1 Section 8 With all the bailouts of companies that were deemed “too big to fail”, I am surprised to hear little about the Government itself being too big to fail and what it

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Columbus Day

Freedom Declaration Independence Columbus America Constitution Today is Columbus Day, a day to celebrate the European’s discovery of the Americas and a day to remember that ~14,000 years ago the what became Native Americans found their way across the Bering

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