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The Argument

Getting this project off the ground has been terribly difficult.  Doing this kind of stuff for a living you might think it should come easy since  I’ve worked on dozens of projects where we successfully; scoped out the mission of

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Government Continuity

Yesterday I received a couple calls asking what the purpose of this exercise was and why would anyone be interested in participating in it.  People who know me recognize my ability to get lofty on occasion and ‘Business Continuity’ it

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Business Continuity

All life on planet Earth is attempting business continuity.  That’s what life is.  It’s the exercise of getting to the next day.  Acquiring food, finding shelter, defending your own being from being acquired, that is everything’s mission in a nutshell. 

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Who pays the Bills?

Recently I applied for the IT Architect role at a large corporation who’s infrastructure can only be described as immense.  Having been out of the systems architecture market for about a year now, I decided to map my career against

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The General Prosperity Clause

What’s that, you’ve never heard of the General Prosperity Clause?  I’ll bet you have and by the end of this article you will recognize it even in its clever disguise. To begin, I must admit I didn’t know the US Constitution

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The 16th Amendment and Slavery

Are we slaves? Given 16th Amendment = Power to lay and collect taxes on income for any reason Commerce Clause = Vague Federal Responsibility to Regulate Commerce Slavery = Condition of Servitude 16th Amendment + Commerce Clause = Slavery Let’s

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The Problem with Plebeians

While doing some research on the Rise and Fall of Rome I came across a documentary called ‘Empires: Order from Chaos’ about the reign of Caesar Augustus that gave me a new perspective of the welfare class. Leading up to the 1st

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