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The General Prosperity Clause

What’s that, you’ve never heard of the General Prosperity Clause?  I’ll bet you have and by the end of this article you will recognize it even in its clever disguise. To begin, I must admit I didn’t know the US Constitution

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The Problem with Plebeians

While doing some research on the Rise and Fall of Rome I came across a documentary called ‘Empires: Order from Chaos’ about the reign of Caesar Augustus that gave me a new perspective of the welfare class. Leading up to the 1st

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The Forgotten Citizen

tea party,citizen,poor,weak A summary of ‘The Forgotten Man’ by William Graham Sumner written in 1883. ‘A’ is for the Agent of Special Humanitarian or Philanthropic Interest.  A represents those humanitarians and philanthropists that are charitable with other people’s capital (i.e.

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