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No Representation without Constitutional Education

Ignorance is bliss folks and our government has never been happier.  A sad fact is that one cannot pay attention and go even just 1 day, sometimes hours, without a new absurdity being exposed about our Federal Government.  One of

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What is Constitutional?

Constitutionality has been coming up more and more in the last decade especially with ObamaCare (aka Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010) passing into law last year.  While ‘unconstitutional‘ and ‘constitutional‘ keep coming up, what they actually mean

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The General Prosperity Clause

What’s that, you’ve never heard of the General Prosperity Clause?  I’ll bet you have and by the end of this article you will recognize it even in its clever disguise. To begin, I must admit I didn’t know the US Constitution

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The 16th Amendment and Slavery

Are we slaves? Given 16th Amendment = Power to lay and collect taxes on income for any reason Commerce Clause = Vague Federal Responsibility to Regulate Commerce Slavery = Condition of Servitude 16th Amendment + Commerce Clause = Slavery Let’s

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NRA "HR 5175 Okay as long as we’re exempt!"

NRA,HR 5175,union,lobby The NRA announced this week that it will not oppose HR 5175 now that the Democrats have offered them an exemption. In  a letter to Congress dated May 26, 2010 the NRA states " H.R. 5175 creates a

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H.R. 450: The Enumerated Powers Act

H.R. 450,enumerated powers act Of all the Bills that are on the table today, H.R. 450 the "Enumerated Powers Act" is by far the most urgent. While Washington DC is clamoring about Health Care and Wall Street, they are ignoring the

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"Because I’m the President"

Obama,Constitution,President Just over a year ago Barrack Obama was elected to the Office of The President of the United States.  At the time I was suspicious of his ability to carry out the roles and responsibilities, but like many I

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