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No Representation without Constitutional Education

Ignorance is bliss folks and our government has never been happier.  A sad fact is that one cannot pay attention and go even just 1 day, sometimes hours, without a new absurdity being exposed about our Federal Government.  One of

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What is Constitutional?

Constitutionality has been coming up more and more in the last decade especially with ObamaCare (aka Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010) passing into law last year.  While ‘unconstitutional‘ and ‘constitutional‘ keep coming up, what they actually mean

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Our Governments

Solving the problems we face with Government today involves the same discipline that the economy must use.  In fact when we look at the origins of an economy and the origins of government, we find that government is just an

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think Think tank

I’ve been asking myself what ‘The End is Far’ is or means for quite some time now.  This may or may not be evident for anyone visiting once or twice.  However, if you’ve been checking in since its creation,

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The Mission

What is the Mission of this endeavor?  The ability to comment in this section will be turned off soon.  The Mission must be well defined and static in order for it to be successful. My first few thoughts; A Sustainable

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Mission Draft

Let’s start by defining the mission – is it this: To re-engineer our representative republic as envisioned by the Founders to its optimal state: Considering what has worked well over the last ~235 years, Eliminating the dirt that has built

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There is no I in team

But there is a ‘me’. Such a monumental task as creating a system of Government cannot be undertaken by one person.  Even if one could, it would take far too long and likely end up flawed in some way he

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