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Translation for a Warmista

This is a response to Theo Goodwin over at “I have to inform you that your comment is about empirical knowledgee and will require translation for Warmista.” Temperature is the representation of Energy Pressure.  All objects in the Universe

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The Anti-GreenHouse or Emissitivity Effect

What is commonly referred to today as the GreenHouse Effect (GHE) is actually quite the opposite, it is an Anti-GHE.  This may go against everything that most of us have learned in school, but we’ve all have heard that the

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The Convection and Evaporation Effects

  greenhouse effect,convection,evaporation   We’ve all heard a lot about the Greenhouse Effect (GHE) over the last 30 years, but what about the Convection and Evaporation Effects?  No? That’s not surprising considering these two cooling properties of nature completely discredit the

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It’s time for Open and Public Debate on Climate Change

Climate change,AGW,cap & trade A new You Tube video from Climate Crock of the Week is out claiming there is plenty of ’empirical evidence’ supporting Anthropogenic Climate Change, but upon close inspection, it is simply more of the same talking

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Q: Are 1,000’s of climate scientists wrong?

Global Warming,Greenhouse Effect,Water Vapor,Convection   A: Yes. Climate scientists are having a tough time seeing the forest for a tree that sort of supports their hypothesis that CO2 is causing global warming.  While the Greenhouse Effect GHE (the tree) seems

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I’ll take ‘Global Warming’ for a 1000 Bob

global warming maunder dalton minimum   Long story short, I became interested in global warming around 2005 when I started noticing the science wasn’t really science so much as special effects.  That will be discussed, but for now; I’ll open

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