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The Evil of Banality

Just about a week ago I read an article by Wendy McElroy over at Mises.Org titled ‘Grappling with the Banality of Evil‘ that got me thinking.  Banality was not a term in my lexicon that I ever used, if it

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Law 11 – Learn to Keep People Dependent on You

Last year I started reading a book named ‘The 48 Laws of Power’ by Robert Greene.  When I first started reading it my stomach turned with each page.  Not that the material was grotesque in any physical nature, but it

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Tolerance, Civility, and the Camel’s Nose

Nearly two decades ago I was traveling through Europe, primarily Switzerland, and I got a very good lesson in Tolerance.  I understood tolerance to be a behavior of acceptance as it was commonly used at the University I was attending,

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Random Thoughts and Open Forum

Is it the person in the office that needs to be changed or the authority of the office that is the root of our issues in America today? Are ‘conservatives’, especially ‘social’, immune to Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely? Can you be a

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Woodstock showed up Westboro did not

The feeling today at Saint Michael the Archangel was unanimous.  We were all proud to be there to pay our respects and to shield the Nelson’s if need be.  Thankfully we were able to direct our entire attention to paying our respects

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Westboro comes to Woodstock

The Religious cult of Hate, Westboro Baptist Church, has found its way to Woodstock, GA.  They plan to ‘peacefully’ incite rage, anger, hate, and to rub salt in the wounds of the family and friends who plan to say goodbye

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Our Communities

The solutions to all of our problems are right here at home in our own Communities.  A community, in practice, is simply a Local Economy and a Local Government.  A successful community must have its own successful economy and a

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