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Move over Hope

Here comes the Change you’ve been waiting for. Our government needs to change.  The principles of Liberty and Limited Government codified in Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution have been replaced by Central Planning and unlimited Government.  A

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Random Thoughts and Open Forum

Is it the person in the office that needs to be changed or the authority of the office that is the root of our issues in America today? Are ‘conservatives’, especially ‘social’, immune to Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely? Can you be a

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think Think tank

I’ve been asking myself what ‘The End is Far’ is or means for quite some time now.  This may or may not be evident for anyone visiting once or twice.  However, if you’ve been checking in since its creation,

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The Domesticated

democrat direction domesticate dependency I’m going to take a quick opportunity to draw out the basics of this Domesticating concept I keep mentioning. defines domesticate as: 2.  to tame (an animal), esp. by generations of breeding, to live in

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Hooray! Obama strikes again!

TARP bank fees obama prezbo mussolini Good Ole PrezBO is at it again.  In order to recoup the TARP money that has ‘disappeared’ ‘The Great One’ is going to make tax-payers pay more at the banks by introducing fees on

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A very Civil war

courteous constitution tyranny domesticate citizen lobby oath What is this ‘very Civil war’? It is a play on words given that the word Civil means both ‘of the people’ and ‘courteous’, and is a recognition that we are already at

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