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Hey! What is Subsidiarity again?

It happens more than we like it to, but oftentimes when subsidiarity is brought up in conversation, it doesn’t bring much enthusiasm.  People sometimes fail to see much of what comes with it, or hold the perception that it is

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Lean Toward

A news article over at Cowboy Byte caught my attention this morning that I found a bit interesting.  The Obama Campaign has a new slogan simply called ‘Forward’ that Cowboy Byte correctly ties to Socialist propaganda throughout modern socialism.  This

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The Goal is Independence

While pondering what the finish line of the G-Prize should be, I found it difficult to choose one myself since not everyone may find it a worthy prize.  So I found another way to draw the finish line.  I’m declaring

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If You Can’t Beat Them, Don’t Join Them

I’m not ready to give up on Freedom, but let’s take a look at some hurdles we Classic Liberals (Classic Freemen) face.  Independence is a lack of Dependence.  A significant portion of the US Adult population is Dependent upon others. 

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The Poisoning of Language

The War on Liberty is not always out in the open or easily perceivable.  In his book ‘The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism‘ F. Hayek had a chapter named The Poisoning of Language which described the often unnoticed and under-appreciated covert

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The Ron Paul Advocacy

“Ron Paul has no real Political Power and he is fleecing his followers.”  That is what some over at Patriot Action Network are saying.  I’ve got a different view, being a Ron Paul Advocate. Now while there may be Ron

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It’s Getting Harder to Ignore

“I’m not for certain, I’m not for sure, but this scene is stronger than it’s ever been before.  It’s getting harder to ignore.”  Every once in a while I can’t help but relate the words of a song to the

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