Lean Toward

A news article over at Cowboy Byte caught my attention this morning that I found a bit interesting.  The Obama Campaign has a new slogan simply called ‘Forward’ that Cowboy Byte correctly ties to Socialist propaganda throughout modern socialism.  This led me to ask “Which direction is forward?

You see Hayek points out over and over again that the Socialists, both modern and historical, poison language in order to poison the mind.  They redefine words by tying them to false and many times opposite meanings.  Take for instance ‘Liberal‘.  There is nothing liberal about Central Planning, nor the redistribution of wealth that accompanies it.  Yet the Democrats have absconded the term and now what once meant ‘favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible’ now is closely tied to ‘freedom from independence’.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Now re-emerges the bastardization of the term ‘forward’.  What many take for granted is that ‘forward’ has a permission connotation attached to it.  ‘Forward’ means a decision has been made as to what direction and those who take the first step are agreeing with that direction.  Oddly enough, the term originates from the Old English ‘foreweard’ meaning ‘agreement’.  “Foreweard march!”, gets everyone moving in unison in the same direction.

Well which direction is that?  It has been pointed out before that Central Planning = Central Authority = Central Ownership.  If you assume the Authority to Plan someone else’s property, labor, and life, then you in practice own that property, labor, and life.  That is Serfdom, or is it Socialism?  It is both as they are in practice the same thing.  We could easily say that Socialism is simply Modern Serfdom.

Serfdom is backwards not forwards.  Serfdom has been tried and tried again and has always been a failure.  Why?  Because it leads towards ‘dependence’ upon those that cannot possibly plan effectively for the many they have assumed Authority/Ownership over.  Whether that Authority is from Divine Right or Elections, it still in practice is Ownership.  Dependence is where we all start as babes and over time we grow more and more Independent.  Independence is ‘forward’ in both time and ability.  It is the Pursuit of Happiness.

So I’m adopting the slogan “Lean Toward”.  “Towards what?” one may ask and that is the right question.  Independence is the Goal.  “Towards Independence . . .” is my reply.

Lean Toward since the End is Far . . .

Steve A Morris

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