Hey! What is Subsidiarity again?

It happens more than we like it to, but oftentimes when subsidiarity is brought up in conversation, it doesn’t bring much enthusiasm.  People sometimes fail to see much of what comes with it, or hold the perception that it is not likely to come to fruition.  That some lesser of two evils is easier to get and hopefully will lead to some good.  We aim to change that.

Subsidiarity, where of course the individual is the most local form of government, is the most independent status one can achieve.  Will different regions of the country, and indeed world (freedom is universal), require different and various levels of government (common dependence) to solve the common needs of that region?  Of course, but what we’re saying is that only the level necessary and that is common to all need be instituted, and therefore funded and centrally planned.

Centrally planned, there’s that phrase again.  We normally point out the evils of central planning, but in the above context we are advocating it.  So why is that we are advocating it?

All organizations are centrally planned by nature.  By turning the paradigm upside down,we now centrally planned ourselves and the government levels outside the home become the decentralized planners.  How much of our lives are we willing to leave up to them to manage?  How much are we willing to rely on them to keep up the Service Level Agreement?  Especially when they are the only service provider in town.  Government is a service, right?  We’re just saying that if you consider yourself your own level of government, then you should be able to provide most of your own services at that level.

“Now what about those who centrally plan themselves poorly, the ones who can’t help but service themselves to others property without permission?”  For that we need some higher ‘rule’, some governance that operates at all levels of government.  Across all levels uniformly.  Each level of government has self similarity to all the others, especially with regards to the ‘rules’ that govern us all.  And do not forget that you are the most fundamental level of government, so the same rules you must abide by, all others must as well.

We simply try, then punish those who can’t abide by the rules.  Period.

So how do you come up with the rules that everyone must agree to?  I’m sure some are thinking “Fat chance of that!”, but the way has been with us all along.  Since the beginning of recorded history, but only recently discovered.  It is the Rule of Law definable through rights.  All we have to do is come up with a formula that defines whether something is a right or a privilege and then the rules fall ‘right’ into place.  Pun intended.

We begin by stating that every action by government outside the individual is a privilege.  As long as we agree that the government’s just powers are derived from the consent of the governed, then all those just powers are automatically a privilege.  Central Government takes place at the individual level, and distributed government (federal, state, and local) has no rights no matter what level.  Only privilege through consent.

Subsidiarity, ladies and gentlemen, is government in its best form.  Up next how to define rights and privileges with a fool-proof formula.

The End is Far,

Steve A Morris

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