The Goal is Independence

Unsolicited adversement for National GeographicWhile pondering what the finish line of the G-Prize should be, I found it difficult to choose one myself since not everyone may find it a worthy prize.  So I found another way to draw the finish line.  I’m declaring that team ‘The End is Far’ is officially entering the contest.

We offer that Subsidiarity, where the most local level of government is the person, is the most perfect form of government given our understanding of the universe and our knowledge of human behavior.  We offer that we can not only describe this form of government in commonly understood language, but also describe in detail how to get there.

That’s the bar team ‘The End is Far’ is going to ante up to get this thing started.  As I’ve stated before, I’m confident this can be completed with presentation by the end of July or early August before the GOP nomination.  I’m confident the candidate that reads it and says ‘Hell yeah’, will win it and the Presidency.  I’m also confident candidates at all levels who agree will end up representing their district’s positions as well.

I offer that Independence is Subsidiarity, where the most local level of government is the person.  That governing oneself within the confines of natural law is the maximum level of Independence one can achieve.  I don’t know if the natural law level can be achieved, but I can help build the track to get us halfway there.

Where we govern our communities, and ourselves, with the same vigor as our Federal Representatives do today, locally.  Most of our taxes will go to our local services, then less for the State, and likely even less to the Federal.  Nearly all of the services needed by a community can be supplied and funded by the community itself as long as the Federal Government is not imposing that service upon us.

Social security, education, medical care, police, fire, libraries, urban or rural development, and just about every other Federal ‘service’ can be managed and funded at the local level.  But we don’t want out of the Union.  There are some very valuable reasons to stick with the rest of you.

That to come . . .

The End is Far,

Steve A Morris

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