The Poisoning of Language

The War on Liberty is not always out in the open or easily perceivable.  In his book ‘The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism‘ F. Hayek had a chapter named The Poisoning of Language which described the often unnoticed and under-appreciated covert and clandestine War against our Language.  The Poisoning of Language is no less significant or dangerous than Cyber Attacks, the Assault on Education, or our Right to defend ourselves.

One of the most dangerous concepts that is openly accepted and practiced is the idea of ‘Living Languages‘.  This may seem like an overstatement, we all know that language evolves as new concepts become available and as slang makes its way into common use.  However, we must consider the usefulness and mission of language when adopting changes.  If the change is contrary to the usefulness or mission, it should be overtly examined and scrutinized.

So what is the Mission of Language?  Bear with my, what will be, often overtly obvious explanations to questions that normally do not need asking, but it is helpful for me to break down issues into fundamental parts to get a detailed understanding of the problem.

First let’s take a look at what language is.

  • Language is ‘a form of communication using words either spoken or gestured with grammar, often with a writing system.’
  • Communication is ‘the state of exchanging information between entities.’
  • Words are “distinct units of language with a particular meaning or definition.”
  • Definitions are “statements expressing the fundamental nature of something, Clarity, a sharp demarcation of boundaries.”

Now some of you may be thinking “No Duh” or “So what?”  The reason I’ve broken it down as such is to reveal the clandestine war against Liberty through the bastardization of our ability to communicate.  It is all about Communication.  Communication is the act of exchanging information.  Language is how we do it.  Words are used to make communication effective and efficient.

What is the first thing the US does when we invade another nation?  We take out their Communications.  Their ability to effectively and efficiently communicate helps them resist our efforts.  The same thing is going on with our language in a not so open and evident way.  Our ability to Communicate is being degraded by changes in the definitions of key words that help formulate thought.  Now the Progressives are not going about this in a Shock and Awe fashion, fact is they deliberately take their time to avoid suspicion and resistance.

By changing definitions the socialists/progressives reduce the effectiveness and efficiency in exchanging information.  They also, if done over time, slowly change the informationalready exchanged without much notice and little resistance.  This is actually very evident when examining the Concept of the Living Constitution.  When one changes the definition of words within a Contract, Compact, or Constitution without changing the words themselves, one covertly changes the Contract, Compact, and/or Constitution.  No Congress or Amendment necessary.

We will examine many examples but one that sticks out easily is ‘Welfare‘.  When the Constitution was written ‘welfare’ meant ‘prosperity & happiness‘.  Today it still means ‘prosperity & happiness‘ but ‘financial aid‘ has been added.  Now this seems innocuous since we generally accept ‘welfare’ to mean government assistance, but how does government assistance equate with Prosperity?  It does not equate.

This leads to deeper problems.  The Constitution states that the Federal Government is to ‘promote the general Welfare’.  Now since ‘welfare’ now means ‘government financial assistance’ the Federal mandate becomes to ‘promote the general government finanical assistance‘.  If the Government is promoting ‘the general financial assistance’, what do you think we’re going to get more of?

Communication is a Right.  One does not require permission to exchange information with another, but it does not preclude the responsibility to exercise that right.  How effectively we communicate with each other is up to us.  If we allow others to redefine our words, and Constitution, in order to serve their purpose, we are quickly made Slaves where the chains are hidden in the mind.

This is where the Etymology Category in Secular Tea comes to play.  Here we will be examining the bastardization of our language and how it is infringing upon our ability to exercise our Rights.

Studies have shown that Tea Partiers are more intelligent than our Adversaries.  This doesn’t mean that those who did not recognize the poisoning of language until now are not intelligent.  I consider myself to be quite intelligent, but never once came close to making this connection until reading Hayek. And I truly didn’t understand the importance and advantages until writing this post.

Intelligence is a measure of one’s ability to acquire Knowledge and Use it.  Fellow Tea Partiers, we need to use everything in our arsenal to defeat the destroyers of Liberty.  The ability to Communicate must be restored to maximum efficiency and effectiveness to win this War.

Always look up the Root or Etymology of words used by Socialists.  You will find that all too often the meanings have been reversed.

Steve A Morris

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