The Ron Paul Advocacy

“Ron Paul has no real Political Power and he is fleecing his followers.”  That is what some over at Patriot Action Network are saying.  I’ve got a different view, being a Ron Paul Advocate.

Now while there may be Ron Paul ‘followers’ out there, I’m not one of them.  Many Paul supporters do not follow him so much as they strongly Advocate his nomination.  There is a big disconnect between say Paul Advocates and Bachmann Followers, and I’ll try to define that difference without being too subjective.

Paul Advocates do not support Paul as much as have a shared understanding of the world around us.  Natural Law, the Rule of Law, and Micro Economics do not change with the season so if you state that you understand and adhere to the principles that make up Natural Law, the Rule of Law, and Micro Economics, then it is very easy to predict what you would do in a particular or general situation.  It is also easy to tell whether others understand and are adhering to these principles.

You see Paul Advocates support Paul because while we are more or less equal in our understanding of the Universe around us, Paul is the only one that is in a position to run for President.  He has steadfastly proven time and time again that he not only understands the Laws of Nature, but he methodically practices them.  We need someone who can actually Represent us in the White House.  Ron Paul is not only Capable, he’s offering his services.  That is hard to resist when he has no real competition.

Followers cannot be Represented in the White House or Congress for that matter, only Leaders can and that is who Advocates for Ron Paul.  People who are, or on their way to being, capable of carving their own existences out without having to look for direction or worse yet permission.  Worse yet from a ‘representative’ who is supposed to be taking direction and permission from us!

The Ron Paul Advocacy is Political Power.  Political Power comes from the support of those who actually possess power.  Now while the source of power here in the US has become fuzzy for some, the true source of power comes from the Consent of the Governed.  Sound familiar?  Correct, the Declarartion of Independence reminded the former King of the Colonies the source of Political Power and Etienne de La Boétie wrote about it in the ‘Discourse of Voluntary Servitude’ as early as the early 1500’s.

The reason why the source of Political Power here in the US gets fuzzy is that it is all too often Purchased (entitlements) or Coerced (legislated).  But, Classic Liberals including the Ron Paul Advocacy are no longer Consenting.  That my friends is Power, real Power.

When someone refuses their Consent from being Bought or Legislated, they are withholding more Power than might be recognized.  It is like someone refusing to sell the farm, their traditions and livelihood.  One person/family defending his and/or her home is like a 100 or a 1000 being paid to take it.

The Ron Paul Advocacy IS Political Power in its purest form.  We are millions of individuals and families who have finally come together to stand firm to protect our Liberties, our Traditions, and our Communities’ Livelihoods.  We are NOT followers.  We already outnumber our adversaries 10 to 1 in real Consent.  We’re not bought, and we’re no longer taking orders from our overstaffed and overpaid Public Servants.

Ron Paul is one of US and we Advocate for one of our own!  So when you hear a detractor talking about Ron Paul ‘followers’, say “Repeat after me, Ron Paul does not have followers, Ron Paul has Advocates” and then bore them to death with how much you know about Sound Money and the source of Political Power.  If they don’t convert, at least they won’t make the mistake of bashing our guy in front of you again! :)

The End is Far and Life is a Journey, let’s make the rest of it the best journey we can!

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