It’s Getting Harder to Ignore

“I’m not for certain, I’m not for sure, but this scene is stronger than it’s ever been before.  It’s getting harder to ignore.”  Every once in a while I can’t help but relate the words of a song to the current situation.  I think that is why many of us enjoy music, the right song can really change how you see the world at the time.  ‘Harder to Ignore‘ by The Features, for example, reminds me of the rebirth of the Classic Liberal.

Classic Liberals are coming together.  We’re the true silent majority that has been trying to ignore the losers on the Left and the Right who keep encroaching upon our daily lives as if we’re in some arranged marriage that we once put up with, but can’t remember the wedding, the honeymoon, and can’t remain silent anymore.  There are other suitors out there who are not trying to change who we are or what we believe in.  The Scene is getting better.

“I’m not for certain, I’m not for sure, but I think your pants are tighter than the day they were before.  It’s getting harder to ignore.”

How did we end up with this overbearing split personality government?  We’re forced to listen to them yammer on about being ungenerous & cheap or immoral & unpatriotic depending upon whether they’re PMS’ing or Preaching that day.  Are we holding onto the comfort of being annoyed, robbed, and berated?  They get drunk with power and pick fights, for us to finish, with people we don’t know or care to know.  They charge 5 lifetimes of earnings buying everyone free lunch & drinks and waging wars that can never be won.  (i.e. Terror, Drugs, Poverty)

Who is this Government our parents arranged us with?  Who is this fat, uncaring, unknowing, expensive, LOUD, and just plain ugly government we ended up with?  Why on Earth are we sticking with them?  There are others who are much more attractive trying to get our attention.

It’s getting harder to ignore!  

But let’s not forget who else is getting harder to ignore.  Yes, Ron Paul, but let us not forget about who he stands with.  Who he stands for.  Who we stand with and for.  The Classic Liberals of the US and the World.  We’re getting harder to ignore and along with us the best viable candidate to spearhead our restoration of Rights and Rule of Law.  (RP)

It is somewhat humorous to hear Classic Liberal Detractors get offended that Paul supporters take it personally when they attack ‘his’ understanding of the universe around us.  What these Detractors cannot fathom is that when they attack what they believe is “Paul’s position”, it is actually a Shared Understanding of the same Universe that we all occupy.

Our (Supporters and RP) positions are not from a list, they are logical solutions that employ critical thinking that takes all the information on hand and seeks to resolve the issues in the most meaningful and long-lasting manner.  Not to mention to benefit us all and with as little pain as possible.  So of course it is personal, especially when what they are attacking is OUR peaceful solutions to THEIR party’s forced ills upon us all.

They are getting harder to ignore.  Folks we can no longer attempt to pay a little more to stave off the temper tantrum that is inevitable.  A split personality brat (Two Party System w/ Dependents) has assumed control over our Federation.  We must cut this brat off and punish it appropriately should their impending tantrum cause too much disturbance.  But we must also recognize that this Brat grew up without our supervision so we must expect and plan for resistance.  Turning a cheek must be endured on occasion through this transition.

Folks, we are no longer keeping our opinions and understanding to ourselves, but we need to step it up.  Ron Paul is not our savior, he is one of our voluntary Spearheads or Shovels.  We are the energy behind him.  Without us he does not move.  It is our energy and potential that determines Paul’s usefulness.  His experience at the tip of our spear makes us more dangerous.  His solid record in our hands helps us to be more productive in our Restoration.

We are getting harder to ignore.  Let’s keep it up.

They/We can ignore reality, but they/we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. ~ Ayn Rand.

See these articles and peruse the comments.   It’s an eye opener.

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