If Life is a Journey and the End is Far . . .

If Life is Journey and the End is Far . . .

Are the D’s or R’s going to get us there safe and sound?

While there are obviously millions that are banking on it, I prefer to take another path.  My own.  As for the D’s and R’s path, NO THANKS.  In fact, they can take their sorry ass insane plans and stick them back with their heads where the Sun never shines.  Insanity being the HOPE or IGNORANCE that doing the same thing over and over again will bear different results.

How many times do ‘they’ have to prove that the Road to Hell is paved with their Good Intentions.  The Road to Hell/Serfdom is behind us, we are there folks.  I’m going take the high road this time and imagine that the D & R ‘Leaders’ (it still escapes me why a people who Declared Independence rely on inept ‘leaders’) are not simply subversively controlling the futures of our lives for their own personal amusement and/or profit.  No instead, I am going to imagine that ‘they’ simply have our best interest at heart.

Frederick von Hayek wrote long ago that the Central Planners thought that if they took the centrally planned resource allocation that comes during periods of War and continued to apply them during periods of Peace, that they could efficiently and effectively plan the lives of millions better than individuals could do for themselves.  Basically what they believed was that since during wartime they were quite effective at rationing scarce resources (labor, property, lives, etc) that the same rationing would work even better during peacetime.  All for the ‘good’ of the people of course.

What they found was something else altogether.  What was discovered is that people do not march to the beat of one drum during peacetime.  Everyone has their own objectives, their own pace, and are highly resistant to rationing and marching in step.  They found that it is hard to get people to go along without some major Crisis for them to unite against.

Now I have a dilemma, earlier I said I was going to take the high road and imagine that the D&R Central Planners have our best interest at heart.  What is now evident is that Self Interest is rampant amongst mankind so it is quite impossible for the Interest of the many to be Centrally Planned, especially during Peacetime.

Is it possible that ‘they’ still have our best interests at heart when they cannot possibly fathom them all?  No of course they can’t, but that creates an opportunity create common interests (i.e. Poverty, Equality, Drugs, Terrorism – Crisis) for people to unite against.  What the D’s & R’s have done is created two sets of common interests for people to unite behind while throwing in a War or Two.  This sets up a very good system that allows the failure of a good D intention to be contrasted against the failure of a good R intention.

The Two Party System gives them an Oligopoly on the intentions to choose from which is the subject of the next post.  Law 31 – Control the Options, Get Others to Play the Cards You Deal.

If Life is a Journey, and the End is Far, who are you going to trust to get you there?  A ‘D’?  An ‘R’?  How about an ‘I’?

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