Translation for a Warmista

This is a response to Theo Goodwin over at

“I have to inform you that your comment is about empirical knowledgee and will require translation for Warmista.”

Temperature is the representation of Energy Pressure.  All objects in the Universe radiate energy and the rate is known as Temperature.  In order for an object to maintain an even Pressure (aka Temp) it must have an equal amount of energy going in as it cools.  If an object has more energy going out than it has coming in, it is said to be cooling.  The opposite is warming.

Different matter has different ability to hold energy within a given volume and pressure.  For example.  A cubic meter of water (1,000,000 grams and specific heat 4.186 joules/gram C) holds about 1.2 Billion joules at 15C (288.15 Kelvin) and requires about 4.1 Million joules +or- to raise or lower the Temp 1C.  It’s pressure is 15C or about 390W/m^2 leaving which means that to remain 15C it must also have 390W/m^2 going in.

Air with the same volume (1,250 grams SHC 1.007j/gram C) only holds about 350,000 joules at 15C, but has the same pressure of 390W/m^2.  It requires about 1,258 joules to raise or lower it’s temp (aka Pressure) 1C.  Now it takes about 3.2 seconds to lower the Energy Pressure of the Air 1,258 joules to give it a Temp of 14C radiating at 385W/m^2.  Over the same period the same volume of water cools .0003C radiating at 389.9999999W/m^2.

What this shows is that in order for Air to increase the energy pressure within Water, it has to have a Pressure (aka Temp) much higher because its reserves are so little as compared.  The Temp of water in nature will NEVER be dictated by Air temp, only the other way around.

Imagine two water balloons hooked to each other.  One is 1 gallon and the other 3,300 gallons at the same pressure.  If you squeeze the smaller one you only increase the pressure in the big one a very small amount.  If you squeeze the big one, you rapidly increase the pressure in the small one.

The point is that Heat Capacity, Density, and Volume dictate that, in nature, heat will always flow from Higher Energy Capacity*Density (i.e. Water) to areas with Lower Capacity*Density (Air).  You will not find that the so-called Back Radiation can heat an area from which the Radiation came.  If a GCM shows Energy flowing from areas of Low Pressure to areas with High Pressure, it is not reflecting what happens in reality.

It is IMPOSSIBLE, not to mention that the causes of the “Back Radiation” will act in the exact same way on the Original Radiation causing a Back-Back Radiation, and then a Back-Back-Back Radiation and so on as that area expands due to the extremely high elasticity of air causing it to rise.  The atmosphere’s elasticity increases with altitude making it easier and easier to expand as the air is pushed upwards by cooler more dense air being dragged by Gravity beneath it.

To take a line from most AGW Advocates.  “It is simple physics really.”

Follow the Energy because the End is Far  . . .

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