Papa Smurf is a Marxist and a Plagiarist

What the Smurf!?  The Communists are also Blue?

In a recent Washington Times opinion piece on the socio-economic ideology the Smurfs is examined and as it turns out, Papa Smurf is not only a Marxist, he is also a Plagiarist.  He took Marx’s line “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” without giving Marx any credit.

Now I’m not really all that concerned about a cartoon plagiarizing Marx’s work and I highly doubt Marx or his advocates mind the creators of the cartoon spreading the Marxist ideology to children (adult or otherwise), what I’m concerned about is that Marxism is already in full practice here in the US and very few are acknowledging it.

You see some Smurfs hate their Morality being centrally planned, but see a great need to have Generosity centrally planned, especially for those who produce more than others.  These are Democrat Smurfs.  Other Smurfs hate their Generosity being centrally planned, but see a great need to have Morality centrally planned, especially for those who do not believe as they do.  These are Republican Smurfs.  These are the only types of Smurfs that have representation in the United Smurfs of America, aka USA.

(For those of you who are not familiar with my writing, see Socialism)

Today, there are a growing number of Independent Smurfs who don’t care to have their Generosity or Morality socialized.  They are called Smurfed-jobs and are marginalized by Papa Smurf who is the Split Personality Ruler (aka Two Party System) of all the Smurfs.  One of his personalities Rules according Democratic Socialism (Forced Altruism) and the other Republican Socialism (Forced Morality).  Both sides hate the Independent Smurfs because those who are Independent resist being forced.

That’s what the Democrats and Republicans actually represent respectively.  They don’t represent People, they represent the Two Best Ways to Control People without appearing to control them directly.  One side (the D’s) claims they care about the Needy so much that they are willing to force everyone who is Able to “give” a share of their Labor or Property in order to relieve the Needy of their need.

Of course almost everything in Nature follows the path of least resistance so the Needy, not having to work for their survival, simply become more needy which of course requires less and less of their own energy and as it turns out gets a higher return.  Their Need is never relieved for long and their numbers increase placing a greater load on the decreasing percentage of the Able.

Now the other side of the coin is the R’s.  They care so much about everyone’s souls that they are willing to force everyone to behave as they say to do, not as they actually do.  They understand that Morality does not come from Free Will, but rather via the carrot or the stick.

The stick is obvious.  They are more than willing to punish those who don’t commit crimes against others, but who cannot seem to stop committing crimes against themselves or ‘The Government’.  Self Crimes as defined by the Republicans, of course.  The Carrot is not as obvious.  The Carrot is the reward of privilege such as Gov’t recognized marriage, Gov’t sanctioned drug use, and a Justice System that is sometimes blind, and sometimes not.

Folks, stop believing what the Two Party System of Control is telling you.  Our lives are being Centrally Planned through Forced Altruism and Morality everyday and as each every person is found to lack either Generosity and/or Morality (aka FREE WILL), they justify more Forced Free Will, which of course is less Free Will.  The less Free Will they let you have, the more they feel is necessary to take.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Freedom is Free.  It is Free Will.  It is Freedom from Forced Altruism and Morality.

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