Law 1 – Never Outshine the Master

This morning I read an article about how Ron Paul supporters have already given up (of course the opposite is occurring) and how Ron Paul is a great guy and all, but his “insistence on opposing all but the perfect” means that his Presidency would mean that compromising to attain ‘good’ (read unconstitutional act) would be out of the question.

Quite simply a false choice so I began writing up a brief on ‘Law 46 – Never Appear Too Perfect’, and how those who are attempting to keep Power are trying to make Paul APPEAR bad by making him APPEAR ‘too perfect’.  Yes we live in Bizarro World, but as I was writing it it occurred to me that it would be more appropriate to write about Law 1 first.  While the two are related, Law 46 Assumes that Public Opinion/Envy is a type of Master where Law 1 assumes that we have a Master in the first place.  Best to get the physical Master out of the picture before describing psychological Slavery.

Okay so Law 1 – Never Outshine the Master

This Law reeks of Slavery.  Never Outshine the Master?  Who’s Master?  Who is the Master?

How about not having a Master?  How about not having Slaves?  Where are those Laws?  Oh yeah, the Constitution and DOI, but we’re not talking about the Laws of Nature and equal stations here on Earth, we’re discussing the Laws of Power that creates Masters and their Slaves!

So earlier we examined how Slavery is a Condition of Dependency.  A Slave is either dependent upon permission (threat of force) or sustenance (threat of withholding) in some form or another.  (We just saw an example when Obama threatened to withhold Social Security checks)

Here in Law 1 we see Greene acknowledging the dangers of One Upping the Master or someone you are dependent upon.  Makes great sense, right?  How can Authority over another be maintained when the Governed (aka Slave) is more competent than the Governor (aka Master)?  If a slave shows they have ability, a Master must reassert their position by withholding sustenance or applying punishment for not getting permission to Shine.  What a sick way to live for both the Master and Slave.

So protocols must be put into place that keeps everyone in their place.  Competency cannot be a measure of Arbitrary Power, for if it is, then the Power is neither Arbitrary nor is it rare and centralized.  Greene’s work is really describing ‘The 48 Laws of Centralized Arbitrary Power’ not the Power of Free Will.  Not the Power of Innovation.  Not the Power of Free Association.  Not the Power of Being Human or Human Being.

No, those forms of Power must be repressed else Power cannot be consolidated for the pleasure and profit of the Few.

Law 1 Reversal – Always Outshine the would be Master and Withhold Consent

Involuntary Servitude (Consent) is inhumane.  Those who seek such service are in effect looking for something for nothing.  Those who seek something for nothing are either lazy, inept, or just plain stealing for pleasure.  They are losers.

Outshine the would be Master by doing well for yourself.  Publicly admonish their laziness, their ignorance, and rent seeking.  Refuse ‘gifts’ they stole from others.  These ‘gifts’ are only a ‘freebie’ in the short-term, the intent is to get you hooked and dependent upon Slave Labor and in turn adding yours to it.

See Law 11 Reversal

We must put the spotlight on the Current and Would be Masters (World Leaders), we must show just how Inept their Rule is, and we must acknowledge and showcase just how capable we are.  Stop Consenting to their Rule.

Why?  You know why, because the End is Far, and Slavery is no way to live till tomorrow let alone a lifetime or even worse passing it on to your posterity .  .  .

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3 comments on “Law 1 – Never Outshine the Master
  1. Lifencompass says:

    The Definition of the term Mastery is having the mastery of a subject, meaning you are more than skilled you could in fact teach. I think the intuitive jump should be to the word Maestro which was a title of great respect for those who had attained so much they could teach the subject: Art, language, war, etc.

    Sensei is also a word that denotes mastery but can also mean something like gentleman, or sire.

    In many cultures and senses the “master” is recognized fluently as someone who has achieved a greatness in their particular field.

    That said, this has nothing to do with ones moral character and so that Maestro could in fact be without any humanistic virtues such as compassion, gratitude, respect.

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