A Democrat, Republican, and an IRS Agent walk into a Bar

Recently . . .

A Democrat, Republican, and an IRS Agent walked into a Bar.

The Bartender says what will you have?  The Democrat says “I’ll have a Martini, and next the next round for the house is on me.”  The Republican says “I’ll have a Manhattan, and the next next round for the House is on me.”  Grinning ear to ear, both had obviously already been drinking.  And the so bartender looks at the IRS Agent and asks “Well, what are you having?“, to which she replies curtly “I’m not drinking, I’m working.

So the Democrat and the Republican spend the next few hours ordering Martinis, Manahattans, expensive wines and cognacs arguing over how everyone should be more generous with their money, how morality has broken down, and what laws are needed to fix everything as they get shit-faced.  All the while the IRS Agent has been busy visiting each table asking questions about income, number of children, savings, and whatnot jotting various things down.

At the Eleventh Hour the Democrat and the Republican exhausted from championing, and champagne-ing, their respective causes agree to disagree till tomorrow and stumble towards the door.

The bartender says “Hey, you two racked up one hell of a bill here fellas, buying our most expensive liquors and multiple rounds for the house.  WHO is going to pay for this?!”  And the Democrat & Republican reply in unison “She” pointing to the IRS Agent “is taking care of it” as they bark orders to their limo drivers and stumble, holding each other up as they always do, out the door.

So the IRS Agent hands the Bartender a list of names, credit card numbers, and amounts divvied up according to who could afford most of the bill including a Tip for herself.

The End.

You might thinking that is the worst joke ever and you would be right.

The joke is on US of A and we need to correct that, because the End is Far . . .

Steve A Morris

A better version of the Joke Here.

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