Law 11 – Learn to Keep People Dependent on You

Last year I started reading a book named ‘The 48 Laws of Power’ by Robert Greene.  When I first started reading it my stomach turned with each page.  Not that the material was grotesque in any physical nature, but it most certainly was in a political and sociological sense.  While it made my stomach turn, and I did put it down on several occasions, I could not let it go unfinished and I have finally put it to rest, or better yet I’m ready to put it to use.

While I will be going over the basic principles of each Law, buy this book for yourself.  It is sort of like cleaning out the cat litter box, it is disgusting while you do it, but necessary and you will be glad when you are done.  Only $10 on Amazon.

Law 11 – Learn to Keep People Dependent on You

See?  This is what I’m talking about.  I’ll be jumping around from Law to Law, but this one really makes my stomach turn so I’m beginning here; ‘Learn to keep people dependent upon you’.

Now this may sound innocuous at first.  Sure, if you want power over someone then making them dependent upon you is a surefire way, right?  Yes, and that is the problem.  I had been reading the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, The Federalist Papers, The Wealth of Nations, the Rational Optimist, Atlas Shrugs, and many other books over the past couple years that are all about Individual Freedom and Independence, so a book on Dependency and Favor did not mix well.

Dependency is Slavery.  Whether you are dependent upon another for sustenance or permission, those that you are dependent upon may withhold sustenance from you or inflict punishment upon you to coerce your behavior.  Now I don’t want to make it sound like Greene came up with this stuff, he makes it clear that most, if not all, of these Laws are codified in Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’, so do not blame or credit if you prefer Greene, he is just the messenger. (And a good one at that!)

One of the things that Machiavelli gets wrong is the notion that one’s own independence requires others to be dependent upon you.  This is a false choice and indeed keeping others dependent upon you soon makes you dependent upon them.  Sure the dependencies are not equal one to one, but the more people who are dependent upon you, the less able you are to keep and coerce that dependency.  Now you are on the hook to provide sustenance, punishment, or worse yet both in ever-increasing volumes.

Making people dependent upon you for whatever reason is immoral and unnatural.  All Life begins Dependent upon their creators.  While some are quickly thrown into the unknown dangers of an uncertain world only having instinct to rely on, others are cared for and protected while they are taught navigate known waters in order to one day navigate their own, uncertain or not.

The Coerced Dependency of Human Beings is nothing less than their Domestication.  Domestication is the discipline of coercing dependency over generations to breed out Independence.  To breed out Self Determination.  To breed out Free Will.  Domesticating Humans is a form of Slavery.  It is sick, immoral, Unconstitutional, and Dangerous.

Domesticating grazing animals is one thing, but domesticating predators is another.  Yes most predators are fairly safe as long as you keep them full and are able to keep them at arms distance if necessary.  But we’re not talking about large cats or bears here.  We’re talking about the most capable predator this planet has ever seen, Humans.

Yes, The 48 Laws of Power are true, but in knowing the Laws we can use them to prevent their use upon the unwilling.  Look at Social Security and Medicare today.  Are they altruistic systems and voluntarily participated in, or are they tools to foster fear and worry in order to coerce involuntary servitude?

Law 11 Reversed – Coerce Human Independence

DO NOT make others Dependent upon you, it will only lead to their and your misery.  DO NOT become Dependent upon others, in fact just as a child becomes Independent of their parents, become Independent of your Government.

We must end the Domestication of Human Beings because the End is Far . . .

Steve A Morris

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