Too Big to Succeed

Our Federal Government is Too Big to Succeed.  The behemoth rooted in Washington, DC has roots sucking the entire nation dry while it only bears fruit close to home.  When it does decide to distribute that fruit, it picks its favorite locations ignoring where it draws it sustinance, paying attention only to areas where it draws it power to suck us all dry.

Okay, that was a bit dramatic and I had much more, but let’s get down to business.  Too Big to Succeed is what Big Finance, Big Business, and Big Government refer to as Too Big to Fail.  ???  Houston we have a disconnect here.  ‘They’, we all know who they are, they say they are too big to fail.  We cannot possibly let them fail because if they fail, well as it turns out they fail.  Yes we have trillions of dollars ‘invested’ in them, but as that has turned out, it was and still is a bad investment and it takes more and more resources to get back an ever increasing negative return.

Too Big to Succeed in economics means Monopoly.  It means we have put so many of our eggs into someone else’s basket under someone else’s control that they are now calling ALL the shots and they are threatening that if we don’t keep feeding the basket, then it won’t won’t have any eggs left in it.  It’s sort of like the argument that if we don’t send more soldiers to die, then all the ones we already sent to die, died for nothing.  Who is sending and who is supplying soldiers is a similar story.

Can we see inside the basket?  Nope.  No need to see in the basket.  Can we take our eggs out and find another basket?  Nope.  There are not eggs in the basket.  In fact, we owe the basket 15,000,000,000,000 eggs and every time they print another promise for an egg, we have to lay one.

That’s right, its the Law and they are about to Promise another 2,400,000,000,000 eggs that we have to lay.  Who is getting all of our eggs?  Like Stalin said, if you want to make an omelet, you have to crack a few dozen trillion eggs.  Oh, and only about 1/4 of the hens are worth a damn so they get to lay for everyone.

The Too Big to Fail Federal Reserve can at any time print another ‘Promise to Pay’ that we have to lay.  They don’t keep their promises, they Print Promises and then Congress doles them out to the most able to ‘keep’ them.  I’ve wondered off topic a bit, but it is important to recognize what a sham our Federal Government and Bank has become.

I’m trying to keep these posts somewhat short, so I’m going to stop here in order to break up what is a somewhat lengthy concept.

Coming up, Why is our Federal Government Too Big to Succeed.

Folks, The End is Far and we cannot live like this forever.


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