Achtung! BBA National Socialism Alert

Achtung!  National Socialism Alert!  The Balanced Budget Amendment is not what it seems.

Senate Joint Resolution 10, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relative to balancing the budget, does not and will not balance the budget.  It actually codifies the Federal government’s ownership of you.  Sound scary?  It is and it’s being pushed by the likes of Rand Paul and Jim DeMint.

There are 10 sections to the Amendment and while there are problems with all of them, a few are just simply show stoppers.

Section 2 codifies the Federal government’s ownership of 18% of the US Economy.  They word it as though it is an 18% of GDP cap on government outlays, but Momma didn’t raise no dummy.  In practice it makes the switch from limiting the Federal government by limiting its Scope of responsibilities to limiting it to a percentage of annual productivity, sort of.

I say sort of because ‘they’ can raise the percentage with 218, 260, or 291 votes depending upon what crisis ‘they’ come up with under Sections 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7.  Remember, they will never let a good crisis go to waste, even if they have to invent one.  Come to think of it they already have one in the War on Terrorism which will last far longer than the War on Drugs and that will only end when Independence is restored.

Section 3 transfers the responsibility of writing the budget to the President.  My first thought was “why do we need a Congress or Senate?”  What will their job be?  The Executive office already out legislates Congress, both Houses, 10 to 1 in writing Regulations and Executive Orders that carry the force of Law.

The President has assumed the role of setting the Nation’s agenda, and he can and does engage in kinetic military actions (aka WAR) without Congressional approval.  What good are ‘they’ other than an email address that only returns form letters letting you know your rights are just not as important as the multiple crises that they are dutifully managing for you.  Even if/though poorly.

Section 8, aptly named, defines receipts as all receipts except those derived from borrowing.  No wonder they needed a clause (Section 5) to raise the debt limit in a Balanced Budget Amendment.  It also defines outlays as all outlays, drumroll please . . . . except those for repayment of debt principle from borrowing.

So borrowing money and the repayment of the principle are not included in a Balanced Budget Amendment.  Make sense to you?  It hurts my brain to imagine what a CF this is going to turn out to be.

And finally we come to Section 10 which states that Congress has the power to enforce this Amendment by appropriate legislation, oh and they can rely on estimates of receipts, outlays, and GDP.  You can’t make this stuff up folks.

By granting the Federal Government official ownership, 18% to start, over the US economy they de facto own your productivity, assuming you are of course productive.  Funny thing is that those most Dependent upon the State will be least owned while the most productive will mostly owned.  State Ownership of your Productivity is SOCIALISM.  How’s that for an Independence Day hangover?

With all the exceptions, contradictions to reality, and with those who work the hardest being the most exploited Animal Farm immediately came to mind.  ‘They’ are planting the seeds for this Amendment to be passed.  I’ve seen it come up on a couple of the Tea Party sites and several Senators are talking about it in relation to the Cut, Cap, & Balance Pledge.

See the current Amendment here and write your Representatives to let them know you’re on to them.

The End is FAR . . .

Steve A Morris

Note:  Section 8 above is actually Section 9 in the Amendment, but I decided to leave it after I found the error since it fit so nicely.

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