No Representation without Constitutional Education

Ignorance is bliss folks and our government has never been happier.  A sad fact is that one cannot pay attention and go even just 1 day, sometimes hours, without a new absurdity being exposed about our Federal Government.  One of the latest absurdities is that Rep. Tom Graves (GA9), who ‘represents’ a large portion of Georgia north and northwest of Atlanta, is upset that BO II used an ‘autopen’ to officially abrogate our rights for another 4 years.

While Tom voted against the Intolerable Act, I commend him for that, whining about the President not putting his ink on yet another ‘sunset’ on the abrogation of our rights is absurd.  Who gives a rats ass whether our Rights are Officially taken away or not?

Fact is the ‘Small Business Additional Temporary Extension Act of 2011‘ became law with or without BO II’s ink 10 days after it was submitted to him anyway.  Yes, that’s right folks, the Small Business Act of 1958 was once again ‘temporarily’ extended, again. Makes you wonder if the Patriot Act ‘temporary’ extension will be temporarily extended for the next 53 years doesn’t it?

Does anyone else find it concerning that 20 Congressmen & women quoted Article 1 Section 7 to remind the President that he is to sign, not autopen,  Bills into law, but failed to read the entire paragraph that shows His Highness’ signature is not necessary for the abrogation of our rights to be once again ‘temporarily’ extended?  It only took THREE more sentences to find out that Bills become Law after 10 days without Veto.

Oddly the New York Times also recognized Tom’s laziness.

Perhaps these brave 20 are upset that our Rights weren’t ‘officially’ abrogated for the nine days the 2006 temporary extension had expired.  Guess they were worried that circumventing our GOD given Rights is a bit iffy without a signature and several copies. You can’t make this stuff up, we are living in 1984.  Here’s the Letter sent; some of the Rulers who signed are surprising.

If we can’t get our ‘Representatives’ to read the Bills they vote Yea on, how are we to expect them to read and understand the Foundation (aka Constitution) they are adding onto?

Ladies & Gents, we do not have Representatives in Washington DC.  In order for these people to represent us they must have an Education in the Constitution that authorizes them to represent us.  They obviously do not and as long as we continue to play along, they do not need to because they RULE The United States’ People, they do not Represent The United States’ People.

We have to end Representation without Constitutional Education, because The End is FAR . . .

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