The Intolerable Acts

The End is FAR has created a new Forum category called ‘The Intolerable Acts‘ named after the ‘Coercive Acts‘ that Great Britain passed to bring their American subjects into line and submission in response to the Boston Tea Party.  These Acts were specifically egregious to grown men and women who had no need or want for foster parents, foreign or domestic, who had authority over their futures.

This Forum is open for everyone, grown men and women, to start discussions and what we’d like to see is you share your thoughts on old or new Laws, Acts, Regulations, Fees, Taxes, and the like that are egregious to a Free and Independent Society.

No format is needed, just get the story or topic started and leave the rest up to spontaneous discussion.  Hint:  When you hear or see the word ‘Bipartisan‘ in the news or elsewhere, you can be pretty certain it is Unconstitutional.  Share it with us.

The Intolerable Acts must be scrutinized and repealed, because The End is FAR  . . .


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