Move over Hope

Here comes the Change you’ve been waiting for.

Our government needs to change.  The principles of Liberty and Limited Government codified in Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution have been replaced by Central Planning and unlimited Government.  A century or more of authoritative interpretation and thousands of laws contrary to our founding principles has created far more problems than they have sought to solve.

The Laws of Nature, that recognize our equal stations and by which we are all bound, are not open to interpretation.  They are fixed and constant and this is wonderful news for Liberty and the Universe in general.  Fixed and constant laws allow everyone to predict the outcome of their individual actions through observation, trial, error, and most importantly success.  Our government needs to change.

How every individual may or may not need to change is beyond the capability of human thought, collective or otherwise.  That kind of change is not worth pursuing and those engaged in the attempt are doomed to failure more than likely harming those they seek to change far more than themselves.  In many cases this central planning activity actually creates wealth for the planners at the expense of the coerced and unwilling bystanders creating a dangerous conflict of interest.  Good Intentions quickly replace favorable results and the Road to Hell is paved by Union mentality and the multitude of government offices, agencies, and departments.

It is our Government that needs to be changed and more appropriately restored and re-secured.  As President George Washington noted government is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.  Currently we have a fearful master and we must again make it a servant paying careful attention to its dangers.  Washington also noted fire is a dangerous servant, but we know how to use it, contain it, put it out, and most importantly how to restart/restore it.  The same goes for government.

Now how do we restore the fearful master into the useful servant?  How do we restore Liberty/Independence when so many are dependent (willfully or not) upon the various levels of Government?

It is not possible to go into great detail here, but to sum it up; through Organized Change Management and Distributive Planning.  OCM clearly defines our current situation, our desired outcome, and a path that considers the health and happiness of those willing to take the journey.  Distributive Planning makes use of clear objectives, effective communication, motivated coordinators, and the capabilities of those willing to contribute.

Folks we have the capability to turn this master (fearful or not) called government into the valuable servant it is meant to be.  Not was meant to be as inalienable rights are always in the present tense.  You and I control the ‘consent’ that government gets its just powers from.  Consent being the power behind government has been recognized for at least 500 years and is as real, testable, and repeatable as the Laws of Nature.

We have the capability.  Organizations have been using OCM and Distributive Planning for quite some time to reach desired objectives and we have modern technology to quickly collaborate, test, and act upon our findings with the same success.

We are more capable than those we refer as The Founders.  We have all their knowledge and 235 years of experience.  Many of us have the motivation, and distributive planning makes use of the innovation that separates us from apes.  The only path to failure is a lack of desire.  A lack of action is a lack of desire.

We have the Nation’s and indeed the World’s attention!  We must not miss this opportunity.  While Liberty is constant in our universe, we have a window of opportunity not seen in 230 odd years that is within arms reach and who knows when it will disappear or when it might return.  Our chance to restore our master into servant with relative ease depends upon our ability to make use of the attention being paid to the calls for Liberty here at home and abroad today.  We’re already paying dearly for our current master and the costs to restore it to the common services/servant beneficial to all may never be lower than now.

The benefits of having Public Servants over Public Masters are far too numerous to describe.  Simply not having to hear about which Ruler or Side made ‘your’ share of someone else’s burden even heavier would be enough for most.  The number of benefits that come with Liberty are as numerous as the number of detriments that come from Slavery.  Do not ask whether yourself whether you are a slave, ask yourself whether someone who claims to represent you has the influence of a master.

Freedom is not free, but it is far less expensive than the coerced servitude being paraded as entitlements.

Do not delay.  Quit serving the servant.  Join the restoration of the principles codified in our Founding documents.  And Restore your Independence for yourself and everyone’s posterity.

There is no time to waste, The End is FAR!

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