Calling all Secular Tea Partiers!

The title and logo for this post leaves little to the imagination so I’ll cut straight to the chase.  There is a need for a secular forum for Tea Partiers and there is a personal, philosophical, and pragmatic reason for creating one.

UPDATE!  The Blue Republicans are answering the Call!

While it is usually best to keep personal opinions to oneself, this personal opinion is not likely mine alone, it may strike a chord with you as well.  My experience with the primary Tea Party social networks has been an overall favorable one, up until recently.  While it pains me to declare it, it is painfully obvious the ‘social conservatives’ have cornered the online tea partier market.  It is difficult to talk about ending economic socialism without the topic being morphed into a need for moral socialism (social conservatism) by the social conservatives who run the sites, and by their emboldened followers and moderators.

I don’t have any issue with having to defend my position, but I do have an issue with being censored and silenced for disagreeing with either the motives or methods for the restoration of Liberty.  Quite simply not acceptable.  I gave up a very comfortable career working for the Feds to do my part in ending the tyranny we all endure and accepting censorship from those leading the ‘independent’ is not part of it.  Not all the sites are as Puritan as others, but censorship is not the only reason to create a new forum.

Before we get to the practical reasons for forming yet another Tea Partier forum, it is prudent to discuss the term ‘secular’.  Secular does not mean the absence of religion, it simply means “not specifically religious“, “relating to the material world“.  Religion has a meaningful place in our personal lives and communities, but our Federal system of government is not, nor was it intended to be, equipped to be responsible for religion or morality based upon religion.  Knowing that rights come from God or Nature’s God is as deep as it needs to get.

Philosophically speaking I have come across a great many ‘Classic Liberals’ both at Tea Partier rallies and online.  Classic Liberalism is what I thought this movement was primarily about.  Grown men and women standing up and proclaiming an end to the Socialism being practiced by the Two Party Oligarchy monopolized by the D’s and R’s.  A declaration that ‘We the People’ will no longer tolerate the usurpation of Self Determination given to us by God or Nature if you prefer.  Free Will is a gift from Nature’s God and to refuse it to oneself or another is obscene and not befitting a Human Being.

Do Classic Liberals consider their religion in their daily lives including politics?  Most certainly, but at the Federal and State level we must also consider our fellow citizens’ religion or lack of it.  Religion at the community or local level will always be present because our religious congregations are made up of our communities.  Communities may or may not be secular, but our Federal and State governments must be to provide a Federal Republic that ensures and maximizes our Liberties.

Lastly, and I’ll try to make this quick as I feel I have over-explained my petition, pragmatically we need a forum to promote a  Classic Liberal, Libertarian, Jeffersonian, etc to run as an ‘R’ in order to bring the Independents back to the voting booths to reverse their vote for the ‘Lesser of Two Evils’ in 2008.  They voted against continuing the Bush form of Socialism and will do so again.

The promise to replace full-blown economic socialism with moral socialism and corporatism will result in another 4 years of Obama, or almost as bad, at least 4 years of moral socialism and corporatism that leaves the swing voters running to the polls to swing back to the new lesser of two evils that used to be the greater until the ‘lesser’ became the greater vice versa and so on.

So quickly, we need a Secular Tea Partier forum;

  • to avoid censorship
  • to easily find and collaborate with classic liberals
  • and to help avoid a Presidential ticket with only two degrees of Evil to pick from

If this appeals to you, please do two things:  1.  Comment on or Rate this post  2.  Send to your friends and colleagues.  I’m actively developing a Secular Tea Partier Network and interest will determine whether it is up in a couple of days or a few weeks.  It can be up very shortly if demand is high enough.

Thank You!

The End is FAR,

Steve A Morris

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9 comments on “Calling all Secular Tea Partiers!
  1. STP – awesome! You guys need to create a Facebook page as soon as possible so you can get your message out even more.

  2. Anonymous says:

    why am i anonymous

  3. Anonymous says:

    if it’s any consolation my friend i understand the definition of and the need for the ‘secular’ filter.
    sorry you had to let it go. as for the rest; the end is far but i’ll be there with as many as i can bring with me…h

    • No need for apologies, the mission of the site is not compromised with dropping Secular out of the description and I hope that does not turn secular folks away. The Site will remain Secular without having the need to overtly advertise as such.

      I am interested though in finding out if dropping secular out of the description is perceived as compromising.

      • Anonymous says:

        “I am interested though in finding out if dropping secular out of the description is perceived as compromising.”

        the first provides for and protects all religions and the non- religious alike. those folk who understand
        this will neither feel unduly ‘enticed’ or dis-allowed.

        and if this posts as ‘anonymous’ it’s ’cause i can’t seem to get ‘hardteachings’ into my profile…h

      • Well said. I figured as much, but I have found that religious folks can be more sensitive to language. Our language has been bastardized and ‘secular’ is no exception.

        Strange. ‘The End is FAR’ has 14 characters including spaces and hardteachings only has 13.

        Have you checked out ? Any thoughts?

  4. Fred says:

    By all means. The call has already gone out and the response is underwhelming so far. It seems for most, that Liberty is not for ‘the other guy’.

    However, you have identified a dire need and I’m with you on it.
    I’ll be putting the word out.
    Keep us posted.

    • Thanks Fred! You can find the social network over at

      I’ve dropped ‘secular’ from the description. It seems the term has been hijacked and means atheist more than ‘not specifically religious’ to most people. The Rule of Natural Law is not anti-religious, it is just not specifically religious and I have no intent nor want to drive off religious classic liberals.

      Underwhelming sucks, but we’re looking for Quality first, quantity will follow.

      Finally looked up Molon Labe, one of my new favorite sayings. Very Patrick Henry.

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