The Preacher’s Daughter Syndrome or PDS

Have you ever known the preacher’s daughter?  No, not intimately if that’s what you’re thinking.  Have you ever known anyone whose parents were so strict that they tended to be wild when not under direct supervision?  Have you ever known someone who never learned self-control because someone else was constantly controlling their behavior? They’re rhetorical questions really, I think everyone has.

It was difficult to decide whether to name this post ‘Moral Socialism; Neo-Classical-Social Conservatism‘ or ‘The Preacher’s Daughter Syndrome’, but the latter conjured up a vision that I think everyone gets.  If you’re a very strict parent, don’t leave your teenage daughter at home while you vacation.  The former was more a play on words showing that Social Conservatism is simply a form of Socialism that seeks to centrally plan morality.  Moral Socialism is the cause, and Preacher’s Daughter Syndrome (PDS) is the effect.

So how does Moral Socialism cause PDS?  Well, first let’s define moral socialism again.  Moral Socialism is the centralized planning of moral behavior.  Someone else, usually a parent, plans the behavior of those they have authority over.  Now if the ‘planning’ does not have some sort of progression towards Moral Independence, then the child will not have their own morality to rely upon when the parent’s morality is not being enforced.  It is vital that children develop their own morality prior to leaving the authority and responsibility of their parent(s).  An absence of one’s own personal moral compass is PDS.

Moral Socialism, the central planning of morality, prevents those that are being planned for from developing their own morality.  Morality is a key component to Independence in that one must be able to live harmoniously amongst others without direction in order to be considered Independent.

So this brings me to the point, Social Conservatism is a form of Moral Socialism.  It comes in varying degrees, but a fundamental principle of a society based upon Liberty must be that individuals be able to interact without supervision once they reach adulthood.

Using the PDS example, one can quickly see how centrally planning economics also leads to an absence of economic independence and with it reckless economic behavior.  Can you think of others?

The End is FAR,

Steve A Morris

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One comment on “The Preacher’s Daughter Syndrome or PDS
  1. Fred says:

    Exactly so and well said.
    Thanks again Steve

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