Socialism by any other name

Socialism by any other name is still Socialism.

Years ago, in fact decades ago when I was a child, socialism meant Soviet Union and communism in general.  As I grew into my twenties it grew into several different factions with many different labels.

A learned Marxist, Leninist, Communist, Fascist, Corporatist, Mercantilist, Monarchist, State Capitalist, Monopolist, National Socialist, etc could go on for hours on how their particular flavor of socialism was different and of course superior to all the others.  Since we don’t have hours and I can’t speak so passionately about each to keep your attention, I’ll be brief for once and discuss the similarities.

Socialism in its most simple form is Central Planning.  All the Ism’s associated with Socialism all carry the common theme that the Few Elite centrally plan the actions or behaviors of the Many Commoners they have authority over.  Serfdom.  Frederick von Hayek put it quite simply and I will end by paraphrasing him.

If you can Plan the use of someone else’s property, then you must have the Authority to do so.  If you have the Authority to plan the use of property, then you in practice Own it.

Central Planning = Central Authority = Central Ownership and vice versa.

Central Planning is extremely common since parents exercise the planning, authority, and who owns what in the household everyday and throughout history.  What is obscene to myself and other classic liberals is the practice of  Central Planners managing the lives of millions of households with the pretend authority founded on safety, fairness, and morality.

Socialism, Marxism, Leninism, Communism, Corporatism, Fascism, Mercantilism, State Capitalism, Market Socialism, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Monopoly, Oligopoly, Serfdom, National Socialism (which is what we technically have in the US today), and the several not mentioned here all have the Few planning for and in effect owning the Many.

The End is FAR,

Steve A  Morris

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4 comments on “Socialism by any other name
  1. Travis E says:

    Yesterday I read someone arguing that they are a “Democratic Socialist/Community Capitalist”. – bottom of page On the surface it looks good to me, could i get your thoughts on it?

    • I personally don’t care for the name nor the descriptions which are completely ambiguous.

      From my understanding they are a Majority Rules Central Planner/ that seems to limit their ‘Market’ to the Community. Democrat was an insult in the late 1700’s for all, it still is to me. Freedom is such a subjective term it is difficult to tell.

      Freedom is ALWAYS relative and ALWAYS subjective.

      Relationships are ALWAYS relative and ALWAYS subjective.

      An obligation has a ‘contract’ or compulsory feel to it. People have obligations to themselves and family. If they benefit from a community service like Fire, Police, Library, etc then they are obligated to participate in funding it.

      To tell the truth, I’ve read the post several times and can’t quite make out what they are attempting to say. Best case scenario, they are trying to paint a Liberal (Classic) with words that describe pretty much the opposite. Worst case, they are some kind of Ted Kazinski type who desires to return to an agrarian economic model which is quite similar to the Jewish Kibbutz which is modeled after Marxism.

      I abhor the term socialist as it is a quick indicator that someone believes they can plan my life for me. Not acceptable.

  2. Dean Striker says:

    The word I use for all the above is “Collectivism”. It avoids the tiresome debate about which is what. They are all the same in that all would go nowhere except with having a Government of Force to steal our money and limit our freedoms by imposing a sickness upon the citizenry.

    So we strive now to replace Govern with Voluntary when America finally collapses from the tyranny of Force.

    I’ve give the link here now – but I’m making major changes by switching away from WordPress to a CMS. Current link is but you may find it changing so that you may have to backspace out the /blog/

  3. Fred says:

    Thanks Steve,
    Succinctly put. Passing it on.

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