Tea Party Nation, Thank you

continued . . .

I understand that replacing a de facto King with a new and relatively innocent de facto King (even a Social Conservative) will leave plenty of room for error when recognizing that ‘Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely’.  There are no exceptions.

A changing of the guard when you are a prisoner to someone else’s “Good Intentions’ is no relief, it is simply a changing of the guard.

I differ from Tea Party Nation and its leader Judson Phillips in that I understand that US Citizens need to restore enumerated and clearly defined limits on each level of government.  We must do this in a manner that transitions the mass dependency upon the few in government that are far away in DC, to the many communities that are near and within our own capable hands.

The End is FAR,

Steve A. Morris

PS – Note that I speak of Tea Partiers, not the person throwing the Party or the guests of honor.

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