At TPN, We like you if you’re like us

Not going to make a mountain out of a mole hill with regards to being banned or suspended from Tea Party Nation, but I feel it prudent to write an article that search engines (i.e. banned or suspended from TPN) can find.  Here’s how it all began . . .

A couple of days ago a heated argument over Ron Paul’s character and political philosophies were being debated at Tea Party Nation.  Judson Phillips was quite upset with Ron Paul declaring that the recent incursion on sovereign Pakistani soil was unnecessary.  He likened Paul to various undesirable characters and attempted to paint Paul as weak.  The several Constitutionalists that visit the site stood up for Paul’s ideology and understanding of the Constitution and the limits it places on the Federal Gov’t.

This did not sit well with Judson Phillips and he joined in the banter going on.  While the Constitutionalists were busy describing Limited Gov’t and discussing the differences between Social and Fiscal Conservatives, his detractors increased their ad hominem and assigning false claims such as Paul being weak on immigration and being immoral.

Judson argued that legalizing drugs (technically the Feds cannot make drugs legal or illegal) would result in millions of drug addicts.  I argued that coerced morality or behavior ceases once the coercion is lifted.  If you have to constantly remind someone to be moral, then they have no opportunity to develop morals.

Others argued that sovereignty doesn’t matter when it comes to bin Laden, and still others argued about abortion.  The common theme was Social vs Fiscal Conservatism.  The Moral Socialists argued that Social and Fiscal cannot be separated and the Fiscal Libertarians argued that they were an obvious example of this separation.

Next thing you know Judson wrote an article about Ron Paul attacking him and how his dislike of Paul has been hidden up till now and Ron Paul supporters start disappearing from Tea Party Nation.  The users have been banned or suspended.

I’m offering up space at The End is FAR for Tea Partiers displaced by Tea Party Nation and any other group that gets upset when they’re not staring into mirror.  If you have been banned or suspended from Tea Party Nation, please follow the following links to get this article higher up in the search engine listings by clicking the ‘At TPN, We like you if you’re like us’ link.  Email the URL of this article to your friends and paste into comments for people to click.


There are plenty of Tea Partier sites offering a “we like you if you’re like us” atmosphere, those of us who simply want a return to Limited Gov’t need several as well.  Here’s one I was just introduced to  If you know of any others, please paste it in the comments.

The End is FAR,

Steve A. Morris

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2 comments on “At TPN, We like you if you’re like us
  1. Steve,

    Sorry you were kicked off TPN, that stinks. I’m still there but may get ejected soon myself, for supporting Ron Paul.

    By the way, how do you like the design I just did?

    I own the group at
    and you’re welcome to come on in and join us!

    I was drawn to TPN because they have about 36,000 members, I understand, but if I could find a blog site that had discussion groups, that that is more Objectivist/Libertarian oriented, I’d rather blog somewhere else at this point.

    Melissa Brookstone
    Author of “The Planetary Bill of Rights Project”

    • Me too, but c’est la vie. I am most disappointed about potentially missing the thousands of classic liberals that visit TPN.

      Really like the idea of a Planetary Bill of Rights. Rights are after all universal to all humans or they become privileges if they only apply to a subset. Hadn’t occurred to me until today that Americans, in theory, actually have Inalienable privileges when viewed from the viewpoint of a non-citizen.

      In practice we know The Fed’s usurped authority to decide which Rights it chooses to abrogate or infringe upon renders the term Inalienable moot.

      We should talk about Project Planetary Bill of Rights ( Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness ( are applicable to Humankind.

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