Random Thoughts and Open Forum

Is it the person in the office that needs to be changed or the authority of the office that is the root of our issues in America today?

Are ‘conservatives’, especially ‘social’, immune to Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely?

Can you be a fiscal conservative without being a social one?

Is a social conservative simply a Moral Socialist?

Are political labels necessary in a Republic under Rule of Law that recognizes Inalienable rights?

Lately I’ve been perusing the Tea Party sites to get an idea of what this movement has become.  It seems it started out as a protest to an out of control government (aka unlimited gov’t) and has morphed into an attempt to replace our terrible Rulers with better ones.

This has been shown time and time again to transform the relatively innocent newcomer with Good Intentions into a de facto Aristocrat with unlimited resources by which to ‘do good’ with.  The person gets changed, not the system they always promise to change.

If you are interested in restoring Limited Gov’t and a non-Socialized Micro Economic system, speak up and help us find others with the same goal.

The End is FAR,

Steve A. Morris

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11 comments on “Random Thoughts and Open Forum
  1. I’ve abandoned the divisive and totally ambiguous labels. Read / listen to “The Future Is Calling” at Freedom Force International.
    The political spectrum is now either individualism (Republic) on one end of the spectrum and collectivism (Democracy / totalitarianism) on the other.
    I find it works much better than the plethora of adjectives used to categorize the commonly used political descriptors.

    • Agreed. I see Independent/Interdependent and Dependent/Codependent political systems.

      Distributive vs. Central Planning. Nature follows distributive, Nurture follows either distributive or central .

  2. theprecinctproject says:

    What is your strategy?
    Are you a voting member of any political party?
    Thank you,
    Cold Warrior

    • :) The ‘Beer’ avatar’ is awesome! I’m a brewer and find that most brewers are liberty minded.

      Trying to go Independent, but it is almost impossible in the State of Georgia. Last Independent to make it on the ballot was in 1947, if memory serves correct.

      Otherwise, Republican is the next best choice. Taking a look at the link now, thanks.

    • My strategy is this. Create a path/transition back to Local Governance. We cannot depend upon meaningful change to come from the top.

      Liberty is an Inalienable Right and it must be restored/reclaimed/declared by individuals. We cannot elect someone to delegate this responsibility to lest we be instantly indentured to that person rendering Liberty moot.

      This is not to say that State and Federal gov’t is without worth, just less so than Local.

      • Redman says:

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      • Boston says:

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  3. Mikel Myers says:

    Sir, from what I can tell of the Tea Party group that I am apart of, there are not many people who want the Republic restored. It seems that they want to create power that is wielded by the Tea Party instead of the other two parties. I disagree with what is happening to the movement. I would like to know more about what you are trying to do. Let me know.

    • I’m a results based person and recognize Einstein’s definition of insanity instantly. If we keep attempting to elect a more benevolent Ruler and expect different results, we should consider ourselves insane.

      I want to hear your thoughts. My understanding is that the system, government, must be strictly limited in order for the citizens to free and as importantly so they can predict the outcome of their actions/decisions.

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