Woodstock showed up Westboro did not

The feeling today at Saint Michael the Archangel was unanimous.  We were all proud to be there to pay our respects and to shield the Nelson’s if need be.  Thankfully we were able to direct our entire attention to paying our respects to SPC Gary Lee Nelson III and his family.  The Westboro’s were thankfully a no show.

Thank you to the Patriot Guard Riders!  They volunteer their time to help shield the families of fallen soldiers from the interruptions of so-called protesters and have no lack of wealth nor generosity when paying their respects.  It is a great honor to have a group of men and women so understanding of and dedicated to our Armed Forces and their families.

Thank you to the Woodstock Police Department and Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office! They are on the local front line everyday protecting our property and our peace from those too immature or immoral to help themselves from infringing upon others.  Their presence was neither discreet nor a show of force, but rather a seamless and meaningful part of the Community doing their part with pride and dignity.

Thank you Woodstock and friends!  April 15th has new meaning for me.  I was completely touched by the congregation of our community that came together to bid farewell to one of our own.  The ties that bind often show up in times of duress, and today was a good example.  While there was much anticipation of what thankfully never materialized, there ended up being a calm and peaceful resolve that was the result of a Community coming and standing together.  I could see it in the eyes of the family and friends as they passed by in the procession.  They knew their Community joined them to mourn their loss and they knew their Community would let them mourn in peace.

Thank you SPC Gary Lee Nelson III.  Words fail the loss of human life.  They fail the loss of those that knowingly enter a service requires hard work, sacrifice, and even one’s life. As our Community mourns the death of SPC Nelson, please make time to celebrate this young man’s life, service, and sacrifice.

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