ObamaCare in Georgia – Update

Georgia HB 476 has been pulled.  Thousands of concerned citizens flooded the Legislators’ and Governor’s Offices with calls over the past three days and they listened.  The word is that all who favored this Bill were convinced that by putting ‘something’ in place here in Georgia now, it would prevent Washington from dictating health care later.  What was this ‘something’?  Governor Deal and the General Assembly Republican Leadership have been defeated, for now . . .

First Section 33-65-3a states “The Authority shall have perpetual existence.”  This sounds like it affords Georgians the ability run their own health care forever, without Federal interference.   However, in combination with language that follows, it quickly crumbles back into ObamaCare.

Second, and this is the real kicker, Section 33-65-4 4 states that “In the adoption of bylaws, regulations, policies, and procedures or in the exercise of any regulatory power, the authority shall be exempt from the requirements of Chapter 13 of Title 50, the ‘Georgia Administrative Procedure Act’;”  This is a blank Contract and Check with only a signature.  The details are to be filled in later.  It allows unlimited Scope of the Agency, and does not allow Due Process in the event of a disagreement with the Agency.

Third, it states without ambiguity in 33-65-5c that “The Exchange will be the entity designated to operate the state’s American Health Benefit Exchange pursuant to the federal act contingent on legislation authorizing the Exchange to sell qualified health insurance plans in compliance with the federal act.”  How can this be seen as an alternate to ObamaCare when it is ObamaCare!

And lastly, the Feds are the source of funding from 33-65-6b; “The trust fund shall consist of such moneys as provided by grants from the federal government and revenue from and private contributions from any source.”  If the Feds control the purse strings, the Feds control the Agency.

While I applaud those that pulled the Bill, it just goes to show that we citizens must be actively engaged in demanding second and third opinions when our Liberty is at stake.  Ladies and gentlemen, our Liberty is always at stake when the Legislature, both Feds and State, is in session.  This is ten more days for the State of Georgia, while the Feds take a few vacations.

The End is FAR

Steve A Morris

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