Let’s make a Deal Governor

Yesterday I found out about Georgia HB 476 that creates and funds the Georgia Health Exchange Authority.  Sound familiar?  Well it should, it is the Georgia arm of the American Health Exchange Authority which is created and funded under the American Health Benefit Exchange.  Ringing a bell?  It should, the AHBE is the agency created to carry out the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 otherwise known as ObamaCare.

It is moving through quite rapidly, first looked at on March 4th and being voted on today, and was proposed and sponsored by two Republicans, Richard Smith of Columbus GA, and John Meadows of Calhoun GA.  I quickly thought how could a Republican sponsor the very legislation that they promised to oppose and defeat, but the only answer is that ‘Republican’ no longer has any meaning.  I called both these turncoats’ offices and expressed my disapproval.   Smith’s admin said she’d get the message to him while Meadows’ thanked me for my call.

I next called the Governor’s office.  I explained that I had never called the governor before and didn’t know the process for expressing my disapproval that Gov. Deal was behind the Smith and Meadows sponsorship of ObamaCare in Georgia.  The admin quickly dismissed that Gov. Deal would be behind such a move, but transferred me to an aid of Gov. Deal’s to answer my questions.  The conversation that followed was shocking.

Ana, I did not catch her last name, expressed that HB-476 was a ‘just in case’ measure in the event that ObamaCare is found constitutional.  I retorted that Gov Deal ran on opposing the ‘Health Care’ bill and that I voted for him for that very reason.  I went on to say that implementing the bill is a foot in the door.  Ana replied that we need to have something in place just in case.  I answered by saying that an Unconstitutional Law is not Constitutional and cannot stand as it has already been found to be so.  I suggested that if a thief is beating down your door, you don’t pack up your belongings for them just in case they get in.

Ana insisted that this is necessary, again just in case, but I told her I respectfully dismiss her argument.  I may be on a list now, but also I explained that I’d rather secede from the United States and that I wanted that message to be given to the governor.  She again expressed the need for Georgia to implement the Bill before we get rid of it.  While Ana was certainly polite, it was clear she did not have the experience to debate the fallacy of Gov. Deal’s position.

I’d like to express that I do not want to secede from this great Nation, but it is evident that it is fast becoming, if not already, a not so great Nation.  The 16th Amendment plus a very vague Commerce Clause makes any of us who do not consent to slavery, involuntary servants whether we like it or not already.  I’m sure Governor Deal is privy to more information than I, but I must understand that special knowledge to be dangerous to my Liberty.  I cannot be sure of Gov Deal’s motives behind this new deal, but one thing is for sure, the motives of man are of less concern if their actions are Limited.

Implementing ObamaCare in Georgia today just in case Obama’s appeal to the Court Ruling that it is Unconstitutional, is like accepting a plea bargain after we won our case.  This is absurd and ridiculous.  We cannot and must not leave our Liberty up to Nathan Deal.

Governor Deal’s number is 404-656-1776, ask for Ana and please be polite.  A big thank you to Charlice Byrd of Georgia’s 20th District and the Cherokee Tea Party Patriots for bringing this to our attention.

The End is FAR

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