Update!  I am in the process of developing a transition framework from Federal Control to Local Control.  If this appealing to you, please speak up, participate,  and pass it along.

This cannot be done without a great deal of input.  Our nation is broke, the most able are not steering, and those that are steering are not going to hand over the wheel willingly.

Subsidiarity is the concept that government authority, taxing, and spending ought to be reserved at the lowest feasible level of government.  It comes from the Latin subsidiarius which means ‘to reserve’.

The 10th Amendment reflects this idea of reserved power for the States and the Swiss Constitution states it outright in Article 5a.

Does our Federalized Nation exhibit subsidiarity at any level?  If your town or county were charged to take care of all the Social Programs put into place by the Feds, would you be able to pay the bills?

I say yes and the Swiss have already led the way.  More to come.

The End is FAR

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