Economic Continuity

After rereading Business Continuity I felt it was worth a redo.  I was trying to make several points, and while I have intimate knowledge of where I was going with each point, I don’t feel it addressed the main point of Continuity as it is commonly understood.  The Mission of Economic, Government, and Community Sustainability needs to be altered to Continuity.  Sustainability is the process of preserving a state of being whereas Continuity allows and indeed expects one’s environment to be variable as it is in nature.

All life on planet Earth is attempting continuity or the lack of interuption.  Continuity is a continuous function whose value changes only slightly when its input changes slightly.  If the input changes to a large degree, then one can expect the value to change in kind.  If several inputs  change in a small degree, then one can expect the value to be a sum of those changes.  Seems like common sense doesn’t it?  It is because Life itself is the act of continuity and evolution is the act of getting better at it.

Why is this important?  Because we have an excellent guide in Nature on how to guide the creation/optimization of our Anthropogenic systems such as our Economies and Governments.  While neither arguably exist naturally, we can apply what we know about how Life manages to stay continuous and even improve in an ever changing environment.
It can be and I will eventually argue that Economics does exist naturally, but for the time being we’ll just examine how Nature’s Continuity can be applied to it.

First, all life needs a steady supply of energy.  Since most life does not have a continuous external supply of energy, it is often interupted, it must put aside energy and store it for periods in which feeding is not an option.  An Economic system requires a steady supply of income and the ability to store it for times of interruption.  Your household requires a predictable amount of income in order to properly plan for daily consumables, for luxuries, and for rainy days.

Second life requires a standard and fixed set of Laws so that an action can be repeated and expected to have very similar results.  This allows life to predict the outcome of repeating a succesful or unsuccessful action.  Economics also requires a standard and fixed set of Laws that allow individuals to predict the outcome of their ecomomic actions and their neighbors’/competitors’ actions as well.

There are several more correlations that are useful, but they all depend on the above two.  The consistent inflow of energy/income, and the ability to predict how one’s actions can keep it consistent or continuous.  To have a continuous outflow of energy/wealth, one must have the ability to have a continuous inflow.

A Household needs a continuous inflow of income, and to scale it up so does a Community, State, and Nation.  In order to make sure a Nation’s inflow is continuous, you have to concentrate on the Household level and then all other Economies of Scale will follow suit.

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