Our Communities

The solutions to all of our problems are right here at home in our own Communities.  A community, in practice, is simply a Local Economy and a Local Government.  A successful community must have its own successful economy and a beneficial government.  Any community in trouble today is probably relying on an outside solution or in most cases an outside solution is being forced upon us.  We must break the reliance on the State and National centrally planned solutions and plan our own futures and solutions much closer to home.

In keeping with the theme I used for Our Economies and Government it is worth asking “Where does the word ‘community’ come from?”  From the Latin ‘communis’ we find that it means ‘common, of or for the community or public‘.  If we look at the ecological meaning we find ‘a group of interdependent organisms inhabiting the same region and interacting with each other’.  I personally like the ecological definition and if interdependency is made common in one’s community, there would be few if any problems that go without a quick resolution.

Note:  Interdependence and Codependency are not synonyms.  Codependency is a state of mutual dependency where Interdependence is a state of Independence and voluntary Division of Labor benefiting mutually.  Co-dependence is surviving, Interdependence is thriving.  This is a topic by itself, but worth mentioning here.

Today the term community is all too often used in the ‘world’ community context and the concept of a local interdependent community has been ignored.   The idea that ‘we’re all in this together’ falls apart quickly when one community supports another or in the real world, a set of communities supports another set of communities.  This is not a mutually beneficial arrangement, but rather a massive system of Dependency that has rendered a major portion of the population Domesticated.

We need to move back to the concept of the Local Interdependent Community (Localism), or as a new friend in New Jersey puts it, a ‘Community Centric Approach’.  This is not a new concept, in fact it is as old as civilization itself.  In order to have thriving States that are United, each State must be comprised of primarily thriving Communities.  Communities must be where our primary focus is, and our own communities are within our influence.

It is no exaggeration that we can solve all of our problems if we simply solve our Community’s problems (economy & government) and expect our neighbors to do the same.  We can look to nature on how to do this.  Codependency is a biological dead-end where Interdependency is Business Continuity.  Get involved at the Local level and you will soon find out that sending money outside your community so others can solve your problems for you is extremely wasteful and only sets up an eventual and very expensive failure.

Get involved in rebuilding your Community into something sustainable, and expect that I will do the same.

The End is FAR,

Steve A Morris

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