Status Report – Week 7 – 021511

Here we are in Week 7 and I have some progress to report.

Week 7 – Ending 02/19/11

  • ‘The end is Far’ is establishing itself as a Think Tank.  Though no easy task, it is the only way to manage such a large undertaking and have the freedom and mobility to set our own courses towards that same destination, freedom.
  • We are dropping the FreeMind software in favor a more robust application.  It is not Free, but it will allow us to more efficiently and effectively view/manage what is to become a fairly large Knowledge Warehouse.
  • The question format is under development, so keep reading and ask yourself the questions we’re posing in the blogs.
  • Content is on the way.  The new Mind Mapping software allows for quick publishing and is much easier on the eyes.

Action Items

  • Get new Mind Map software integrated
    • Write instructions for use
    • Test functionality
  • Get ‘About’ page fit for Think Tank written
  • Blog
    • on Community
    • on events in Middle East
  • Begin detailing The end is Far’s organizational and legal structure
  • Spread the Word

The end is Far,

Steve A Morris

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