Our Governments

Solving the problems we face with Government today involves the same discipline that the economy must use.  In fact when we look at the origins of an economy and the origins of government, we find that government is just an expansion of the household economy.  A community is a collection of households, a State is a collection of communities, and our Nation is a collection of States.  They are sums of the collective management (economies) of their parts, and each can be drawn back to the household premise to find successes and failures.

Where does the word ‘government’ come from?  Tracing it back to Latin (gubernatio) we find that it means ‘steerage or direction’ in the nautical sense.  It literally means to steer a group of people.  This opens a great many questions.  Where are we going?  Who is setting the course for one’s household?  Where are the dangers?  Are most of us passengers, or are we free to build our own ships and set our own courses?  Are we free to Govern ourselves?

Today we are not free to build our own ships and set our own courses no matter our ability to do so.  That was the aim of the Founding of this Nation, but do-gooders being do-gooders, government (our direction) has devolved into one ship that is overcrowded, under powered, and heading towards disaster.  Who is steering us?  Republicans and Democrats and they don’t agree on the course and neither are trying to steer us where we all want to go.

How do we know where all of us want to go?  Surely we all want to go different places.  Again, we have to bring it back home and agree what we want collectively managed/steered at the Community level.  What direction do we want our Communities to go in?  From there we, as communities, can collectively decide what direction the State is allowed to take us, and from there the Nation.  We keep the ability to set our own household courses, while collectively figuring out what services and direction we all want to participate in.

A community’s services can only be a subset of the Household services; a State’s services can only be a subset of the Community’s services, and so on.  Soon we find that a Nation’s services are only protection from the outside and a common direction we all want to go.

Freedom is that direction for America.  I dare say that no American can disagree.  It has been since long before the Europeans and shall always be.  Freedom, folks, is a direction not a place.  Only by limiting the direction our Communities, State’s, and Nation do we have the freedom to set our own courses.  We have to start at home.  Once you start setting your own course, you will find that our current Governments will not allow you to go there.

The end is Far,

Steve A Morris

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