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I’ve been asking myself what ‘The End is Far’ is or means for quite some time now.  This may or may not be evident for anyone visiting once or twice.  However, if you’ve been checking in since its creation, you have seen that I’ve been asking the question over and over again.  If it’s been confusing to me, then it must be doubly confusing for everyone else.  Well, I’ve finally determined what ‘it’ is.  In a nutshell, ‘The end is Far’ is a Think Tank.

Every iteration I’ve dreamed up and/or put into words has been a means to solve problems.  Each one has been some form of methodology or discipline to positively influence the outcome of our common endeavors.   It was once an editorial for politics, another was an editorial on Global Warming, and yet another was the home for a political campaign.  It was several other things that only made it paper.

What do all of these and the rest have in common?  In each I conducted research and engaged in advocacy in areas such as social policy, political strategy, economy, science or technology issues, industrial or business policies, or military advice.  Or in other words a Think Tank.

This is wonderful news to both me and anyone who gives a hill of beans what this out of work Systems Architect has to offer.  I always knew that this was bigger than the individual streams it took, or could have taken.  It can and must be all of them because the solutions are all derivations of a common problem solving discipline.  In each case I examined the problem, figured out a way to solve it, and tried to communicate it to an audience.  I say tried because I failed at that step and there are steps afterwards that require good communication before they can be started.  I had no chance of succeeding without that step.

I failed because I never attempted to show how each problem can be solved in a similar fashion.  I failed because I didn’t make use of all the interested Thinkers out there.  I failed because I didn’t have a clearly defined mission.

That’s over.  The mission is a sustainable Economy, Community, and Government.  This mission is in fact a sustainable life worth living.  ‘The End is Far’ is the infrastructure, organization, and processes to get us there; think ‘Think tank’.

Done.  Now that the mission is defined, I can effectively communicate, make clear, what I think a Sustainable Life worth living looks like.  Now without your input I have to do the next best thing and that is to define a sustainable life worth living that everyone can agree on, alone.  Difficult, but objectivity will get us very close.

This is where you come in.  We will succeed where I have failed because I will eventually convince you that ‘The End is Far’s mission is worth your time and indeed your effort.  If I and others can get us close, all you have to do is tell us where we are right and where we got it wrong.  Once you’re participating in the rights and wrongs, you’re in the game.

Just keep checking in, you will see that this Think Tank will tackle each problem in a similar way and have similar results.

The end is Far,

Steve A Morris

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