Status Report – Week 6 – 020911

Once a week I will be giving an update of our progress.  This format will likely evolve as we progress.  It’s mission is always to determine and report progress made.

Week 6 – Ending 02/12/11

  • We are underway!  This has taken a long time to launch, but fortunately the many iterations I considered will contribute to both the content and format.
  • I am using a tool called FreeMind to develop the primary interface for all users.  Please forgive the ‘bareness’, while I have used the tool regularly I have yet to use it to its limits.  You will see improvements as time goes by.
  • The questions I have for you are on the way.  I need to develop a taxonomy that allows quick and organized growth first.
  • Note:  I will be adding a great deal of content and updating often so expect to see a great many blog posts to help organize the discussion.

Action Items

  • Play around with navigating the Mind Map.  I am writing up some instructions due next week.
  • Ask questions.  I’ve got my way of putting things, if it is not clear, dialog will be the remedy.  Do not worry about which ‘post’ to use, just ask a this point.  The more questions asked, the more will be answered.  It will also help develop the Taxonomy.
  • Spread the word.  Many bearers make a light load of anything.  Every pair of eyes is an opportunity to catch a flaw or add insight.


The end is Far,

Steve A Morris

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