Mission Draft

Let’s start by defining the mission – is it this:

To re-engineer our representative republic as envisioned by the Founders to its optimal state:

Considering what has worked well over the last ~235 years,

Eliminating the dirt that has built up over time (waste, fraud, abuse…),

Utilizing today’s technology and methodologies,

Leveraging the vast talents of the citizens that are “not part of the problem”,

Focusing on a quality of life for all that does not come from privileged position or transfer of                             resources away from the earner to the taker,

Defining the pathway to a new America.


Versions of these words have been written over and over.  What makes me excited about “the End is Far” is the idea that a collaboration of people from multiple viewpoint can organically develop what politicians cannot:  a specification for the new American Republic.

This is overwhelming to think about.  It is intriguing to imagine. It is essential that this be accomplished.

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2 comments on “Mission Draft
  1. Dagny says:

    Ah – I did make an assumption that the path would be that of a representative republic – but maybe not. The Founders were concerned with the sustainability of their efforts (with good reason). Add that to the every evolving state of technology, culture, etc., and I can see how assumptions can become constraints that are not useful.

  2. theendisfar says:

    Let’s not look to what the Founders envisioned until we have drafted something ourselves. Once we have it drafted, the Founders vision will give us something sound to measure against. We can measure both against what the D’s & R’s think the Founders respectively envisioned and what we can come up with. We have their notes after all.

    You have put into words what I have been trying to say for some time.

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