There is no I in team

But there is a ‘me’.

Such a monumental task as creating a system of Government cannot be undertaken by one person.  Even if one could, it would take far too long and likely end up flawed in some way he or she was not expecting.  Say someone could create a very sound system of Government without many flaws, who would be able to keep the system healthy?  I can tell from direct experience that large systems are ALWAYS under constant monitoring, repair, and improvement.  Who would do all that work?

The reason that I have found the exercise of improving our Government so difficult has been that there has been no ‘we’.  The successes I have been a part of, have been Team efforts.  We all brought our particular experiences to the table and got the mission done.  Project Managers, Team Leads, Functional Experts, Technical Experts, Quality Assessors, Support, and more were all needed to get the job done.

No one person could fill all the roles, but we often filled more than one at any given time.  We relied on our own and each others’ understanding in order to quickly and effectively reach any mission put before us.  The problems were many, but having a commonly understood mission allowed us to help each other out when falling behind.  Nothing save not following the steps could have stopped us.

I keep talking about ‘we’ and ‘us’, and that is what precisely has lacked in my efforts here.  There has been no ‘we’.  Until today. . .

I welcome Dagny to the efforts.  Dagny brings years of Program and Project Management experience to the table.  I understand systems and how they interact, and she knows  to get things off the ground.  Literally, think Aerospace.

There is much to be done and I have promised you all some questions I need answered and an efficient way for you all to ask your own.  I will have many of my questions and the basic framework to you all by end of day tomorrow.

So here is The Appeal.

Keep checking in on occasion and see what doubling the number of roles accomplishes.  If you see progress, keep coming back.  If you find yourself coming back often, let others know and ponder what role you can/should play.  Ponder what you can bring to the table and bring it.  Find out what tripling and doubling again accomplishes.

There is no ‘I’ in team, but there is a ‘me’.  Again, welcome aboard Dagny, you and ‘me’ have our work cut out for us.

The End is Far,

Steve A Morris

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