The Argument

Getting this project off the ground has been terribly difficult.  Doing this kind of stuff for a living you might think it should come easy since  I’ve worked on dozens of projects where we successfully;

  • scoped out the mission of the system
  • gathered the requirements to make that mission possible
  • put together in a Plan, a blueprint
  • built the system
  • tested the system
  • trained everyone to use it
  • Go Live, we turned it on
  • monitored the initial take off
  • monitored the mission
  • looked for improvements
  • repeated the steps

This is the argument.  Hundreds if not thousands of successes followed this format.  There are several different versions of the above successes, but they all share the same results.  Success.  The Apollo Missions, the Atomic Bomb, the Hoover Dam, and the thousands more I spoke of.

To end up with Success you have to know your Mission.  How else can you if it was a Success?  What was the mission of The Apollo Mission?  Lots of things it turns out.  What was the mission of The Atomic Bomb?  A very particular event in its case.   And The Hoover Dam?  A broader scope than The Atomic Bomb, yet less complicated than both.  They all had different levels of complexity and broadness of scope, yet they all benefitted similarly from the same steps.

By starting at step 1, Scoping the Mission and following to the last step, then Repeating the Steps ;  we not only dream it up, we launch it and build longevity (aka continuity) into it at the same time.  I say in that basic order because many of the steps can/should be running at the same time.

If we use the above discipline on The Government, ‘We the People’ will experience the exact same Success.  We went to the Moon, we built the Atomic Bombs, and the Hoover Dam.  Not a one of them we failed at.  Were they hard missions?  Terribly hard and even lives were lost.  Did we, and do we, benefit from their Success?  Immensely, because they were hard.

Did we already know how to achieve those missions?

The argument is; Yes.  They all simply followed a version of the above Process.  ALL that we have to do is the Same.  Nothing more, nothing less, and don’t kid yourself, ALL is a great deal.  It takes a monumental organization and effort to achieve what we all know as these Monumental successes.

The argument is that we know how to build these Monuments since it has been done before.  Every ‘they’ who have achieved the above successes have started at defining the Mission and then ‘they’ followed the steps.  We just apply these steps to The Government.

President Kennedy once proclaimed that we were not going to the Moon because it was easy, but rather because it was hard.  That’s pretty impressive.  The Argument is that we can/should do the same.  You get the picture.

So why has this been so difficult when I have already participated in several successes?

The End is Far,

Steve A Morris

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3 comments on “The Argument
  1. joana briggs says:

    We seem to be repeating and repeating with little evidence of moving. The end may be nearer than we think!

    • The End is FAR says:

      Problem is that all the steps/phases must be properly completed. The first step is the most critical as the scope of the endeavor must be well Defined and Limited. There is a phenomena that comes along with projects of large magnitude called Scope Creep. If scope is not properly managed, you can never get past the build phase, someone will always think of an ‘add on’. If we never get past the build phase, then we cannot properly Test, Train, Launch, Audit, or Optimize. It is of little use to repeat a process that has never been completed.

      I agree. The End is Near for Centralized Gov’t and Macro Economics. We simply cannot bear the weight of their unlimited endeavors. Soon each of our Communities will have no choice but to nurture our own economies and decide which services our Local Govt’s can provide given the tax revenue that can be acquired Locally. We will have no choice (no money) but to severely limit the scope of the Federal Gov’t and reduce it back to a role of primarily Defense and managing Foreign Trade.

      It is certainly going to get worse before it gets better, but I’m optimistic that a Restoration of Subsidiarity will be an outcome. The End is Near for life as we know it, but we have plenty of time to build something better. That being said we have to agree on a common Mission, and that is where Sustainable Economies, Govt’s, and Communities comes in.

      Thank you for reading and your input is very helpful in addressing these seemingly monumental tasks.

  2. Nora Craig says:

    Sounds right to me, Steve.

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